A tournament to forget

Un torneo para olvidar
Bars Tigres and Veracruz remained a sad fight in the stadium Pirata Fuente. Photo: depose

Last update 6 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

another tournament ended, and Clausura 2017 It will go down in history as one of the most turbulent and colorful little Mexican soccer.

Roll spent the MX League would be "impressive" is no longer believed even a nursing child. Four and a half years after its launch, this idea of ​​Mexican executives still do not give the expected leap in quality and, It is leading to step, will never give.

But if by "spectacular" we understand that throughout the footballing semester Aztec soil as droll as events happen in one game (Pachuca vs. Jaguars) appeared on the court a dog and a cat-at different moments-or that a supposed witch, called "Zulema", reached facilities, with Cruz Azul 19 and a half years without campeonar- to perform strange rituals to ward off the "curse", perhaps the Mexican tournament would be cataloged showy.

Joking apart, the Closing 2017 It was characterized because although in relation to the opening 2016 It increased the number of foreign participating team, the number of goals dropped remarkable and alarming, with which debunks the stupid sustained release by managers, that "a greater number of foreign players, Greatest Show ".

And is that in the contest conducted between July and December last year, They were noted 431 goals, resulting in an average 25 Cucumbers for each 17 rounds played. However, in the tournament that is still in dispute, They were labeled at their regular stage 375 targets (con promedio de 22 achievements a week), that is to say, 56 less than its predecessor. As additional data, in Mexico noted in its maximum competition one goal each 36 minutes.

In this tournament, excluding own goals, the entries were divided so: 184 for foreigners and 178 for national, I mean, just six of difference between each other, It is representing an argument to refute the fallacy that the players come out make a huge difference compared to natives.

Goleadora individual production also sheds disturbing figures this semester, as the champion in that category, Peruvian Raul Ruidíaz (getting repeat the achievement) just got 10 cucumbers, amount is insignificant to the 22 many of José Cardozo in the Apertura 2002 (to which must be added seven more in the playoffs, to account 29).

And it is that very, but far behind those tournaments are that, still it is short, Kings finished with a goal that left no doubt of its lethal power against the enemy goalposts: Sebastian Abreu (19 many), Alfredo Moreno (18), Jared Borgetti (18) and Emmanuel Villa (17, that were, next to own Cardozo, the last "murderers areas" in our country ... in the past decade.

Everything had started badly, because the Apertura 2016 Jaguares de Chiapas lived with the problems in payments to players. On the eve of the Closing 2017, federative "threatened" that if the debts are not regularized, the club is desafiliaría. None of this happened, and irregularity in payroll coverage continued this semester, being one of the reasons that led to the decline in Chiapas finally this May.

Even, cynicism or ignorance most flagrant, the authorities of the Mexican Football Federation claimed to have no problem notification, although the issue was handled publicly widely, there is even a letter signed by all members of the team chiapaneco addressed to Enrique Bonilla, president of the Liga Mx.

Other events contributed to tarnishing the tournament: the launch of a pack of beer to the stadium field "Morelos", centimeters that did not hit the Argentine Rubens Sambueza, Toluca, and the great quarrel between supporters of Veracruz and Tigres, at the stadium "Luis 'Pirata' de la Fuente", which they denoted the weak security measures in buildings in the country.

If the little show on the courts, administrative disorder and violence in and from the grandstands were not enough to catalog the present Clausura 2017 as a total fiasco, in relation to the amount of money circulating in the environment, unemployment must be added that occurred in the day 10, with the suspension of nine games scheduled, because the referees joined forces, to protest the weak sanctions imposed two foreign players (Paraguayan Pablo Aguilar, of America, by 10 parties, and Argentine Enrique Triverio, Toluca, for eight) after having attacked the whooshing Fernando Hernandez and Miguel Angel Flores -respectively-, in two duels knockout tournament Mx Cup.

After the petition-protest made by the Commission of Referees before the Appeals Commission and the threat that central judges would continue in the refusal of official mourning whistle, He was reversed in the punishment of two players, who days later they were told they would be out of football for one year each, and should pay a financial penalty.

All it derived from escandalazo raised by a primary error, to slightly punish offenders. And it is that the federation and club officials no longer wanted to continue risking the business, for only the weekend without activity they were stopped receiving 60.5 millions of pesos, Other collateral damage, and advertising sponsors not made, since it is estimated that between 80 y 100 companies advertised directly on the Mexican Football, and that the work stoppage had no usual brand exposure.

Para colmo de males, teams of disabled players resorted to TAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), in Switzerland, and half months after the punishments were able to reverse a year, oficializándose which were originally issued (by 10 and eight games), in a frank defeat of Arbitration guild and bad precedent for discipline and respect on the courts.

These days the quarterfinals of the Clausura vie 2017 and having defined the team and descending (Chiapas Jaguars), and it is expected to league final series or justify the economic and marketing amounts generated a tournament that seems is falling -for the inability of its leaders in a frank degenerative process.

Javiera. Gordillo Pérez

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