The summer camps football fans for your children

The summer camps football fans for your children
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Your children are big fans soccer, If it were they would all hours of the day playing with his favorite ball, but you also do not want to put aside education and maintain interest in constant learning. En verano, During your vacations, you find yourself in the position to find activities where they combine the above, are favorite sport and education.

As part of this idea Ertheo, an organization that has 8 years helping parents who want summer camps with sport and education, especially for learning Languages, an increasingly important aspect.

In addition to these two subjects, sport and languages, a camp for a child / a represents an adventure where you will learn to solve problems itself, acquire more maturity and meet new colleagues who will teach other cultures.

If we do not even have convinced, perhaps seeing the teams collaborating Ertheo you decide to send your little one of their camps.

In principle, for those who prefer not to leave Spain, the biggest clubs in the league, Barça, Madrid y Atlético, They offer very fun week. Atletico Madrid is not only performed in their official training facilities, its campus is conducted in the fields of Algeciras F.C. Barcelona and Madrid if they use their own sports cities, Joan Gamper and Valdebebas respectively. Do not worry if your child is the guardian of the goal, since both also have a specialized option for goalkeepers.

Madrid and Atletico also have a program with English, and white club also another entechment, more intense workouts. Speaking session with level, we have to remember the High Performance Academy Barcelona, that has nothing to do with the club blaugrana and has practices for goalkeepers. This center caters more players stay in total football, tactical analysis, technicians and more hours of training.

To complete the offer in Spain, Ertheo has in its list of the campus Real Spanish Federation y Camp Rialp in Andorra, the latter with English classes and training milder. By last, a destination that can be highly recommended for children and for parents who decide to go with is the Costa del Sol, where he Málaga C.F. organizes a summer camp fun, and as, the weather is spectacular.

However, after seeing everything in Spain, some perhaps you have crossed his mind the idea of ​​sending a boy or girl abroad, more specifically England, where experience closer Anglo-Saxon culture.

Well needless to give him more laps, in Ertheo all great teams and their campuses are, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham y Manchester City, all with English classes, Native English teachers and training, so if you want more learning the language these programs are highly desirable. In addition the Real Madrid It has a camp in the University of Chichester, or if you prefer something more light, the Academy Leicester It is another option, which has no relation to the famous champion of the Premier last.

For lovers of Italian teams, two historical, Juve y Milan, organized every summer camps under its philosophy of quarry and have special classes for goalkeepers.

Own Milan It has a campus in Dublin, although this does offer English classes, like that of Paris Saint Germain, you can also find in Ertheo. The French team offers students the official coaches of the quarry and includes classes in English or French to combine with football, and a program for goalkeepers.

By last, but as they say, not less important, You can add to the list of possible camps for your children on the academia IMG, a little further than others, particularly in Florida, USA. IMG is one of the best academies in the world, It has a huge own sports campus, experienced coaches and multiple options for various levels, without forgetting the English classes.

Almost all of these camps are available for boys and girls, but Ertheo want to give more insight to fútbol femenino and its web offer various training programs for girls only, female staff. For now the three that have this option are FC Barcelona, he Manchester City and academia IMG.

Now your turn to choose where you spend your little one of the best summers of his life, although it is a big fan of football will live a great experience in any of the camps.

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