Spanish football unreason

Spanish football unreason

Dear hanging:

We go into full summer holidays and starting to write costs a little. The beach and the mountains monopolize the prominence of the month of August but we have the beginning of the league right there, I would say already. I would like to discuss some issues from this start of the league that seem quite interesting to me, for the repercussion that they may have in the immediate future, especially in future hobbies.

Media interests, economic and television seem that they are more thought in a present, that in the future of a sport cornered by debts and uncontrolled expenses, used by the marketing of economic powers, a whole source of business outside the sport itself.

When I speak of the immediate future, I mean all that mass of fans, to that new sap that should be going with its parents, grandparents or relatives to watch a football match live on the field of play to be in direct contact with their team, to experience the emotions in person, but all that seems like an impossible mission.

After checking the league start times, It is an insult to that father or grandfather who in his eagerness to go to a soccer field, see your efforts frustrated when you see that your team's game begins at 23:00 hours. This seems embarrassing to me, What do we do with the children's passes?, Do we return them to the club? Do we throw them in the bin?.

Simply or for consistency, whoever wants to go with their son or daughter and cannot stop going to watch live football, until they realize that these atrocities cannot be paid for the players and that football matches are played at normal hours where everyone can attend, and if it is with the family better. Everything would improve, I would even dare to say that certain verbal violence would disappear from the stadiums.

Changing a little third, I would like to comment on another circumstance. I am concerned as a Valencian is the situation that Valencia CF is experiencing. In the Mestalla club there are no favorable winds blowing and I hope they can solve their problems; nevertheless, as it is a sports corporation, I hope that the shareholders will solve it and that they will not scratch my pocket from the public powers. My tax money is to be used for other purposes and not for living. Greetings and enjoy the holidays.

Sergio Barres

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