Should football be interrupted at Easter?

¿Debe interrumpirse el fútbol en Semana Santa?

Last update 2 April, 2015 por Alberto Llopis

Easter is usually one of the preferred periods for the majority of citizens.. Your arrival is associated with vacations, rest, trips and ultimately, get out of the ordinary. It's time to fly the kite, to go to the field, leave the city and for some, the luckiest, Step on the beach in search of the first tan of the year. Needless to say, that others prefer processions, the parades in search of homage to Jesus. And what about football?

That's what today we wonder in Colgados for football. Traditionally, All European leagues play at Easter and no one is considering interrupting it. Something that clashes with what happens at Christmas or in summer, time where everything stops, including the king of sports. Why doesn't the same thing happen on these endearing dates?, that until recently the circulation of the newspapers stopped?

Si en algún sitio tienen fe en Jesucristo es en Brasil.
If there is anywhere they have faith in Jesus Christ, it is in Brazil..

Bien, It's hard to explain. Quizás, The main reason must be found in the fact that Easter usually falls on the calendar near the final stretch of the competitions., at the time of resolution. And a break at this point would be quite detrimental for teams and players.. It's neither hot nor cold, but a temperate climate that also allows playing in perfect conditions, unlike what happens at Christmas or summer. So far from stopping, what is done is decide titles and play finals. to sample, the Copa del Rey final button, which played on Holy Wednesday has been played on many occasions on the same day.

Is it right to decide to play on these dates? That's the million dollar question. Many fans and partners are traveling, They cannot attend stadiums or watch their teams on television.. For others, the opposite. They have vacations, free time and win from killing time with a good game. Como ven, There is something for everyone.

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