Betway Lights: the philosophy of Levante UD

Betway Lights: la filosofía del Levante UD
Betway Lights brings us this time the philosophy of Levante. PHOTO: Betway

Last update 2 February, 2021 by Alberto Llopis

The Levante UD philosophy has led him to complete the greatest growth in its history among 2010 y 2020. The granota team has given more than one surprise in the LaLiga bets during this time and has become one of the teams that have settled in Primera in this part of the 21st century.

A philosophy that was born with the motto of How great it is to be small! released in the year 2010 coinciding with the unexpected rise of the club and its new journey in the First Division with very limited resources. More than a decade later this has changed, the club has a history and a settlement in the highest category, an increasingly modern and remodeled stadium and increasingly higher players and resources. But the essence of philosophy is still there. They are a family and everyone who arrives must be part of it.

The philosophy of Levante UD

The granota team has become a giant killer. Not in vain in the last 3 seasons has won 3 times to Real Madrid and others 3 al FC Barcelona. The hardships experienced between 2008 y 2010 that almost caused the club's demise, forged a unity between all the levels of the club that led to forge this philosophy that has led them to a giant growth as an entity in just 10 years.

The Levant is clear: your chances of success go through unity, companionship and being a great family, tanto dentro como fuera del campo. This is how it has managed to reach the best time of its centennial history plagued with dislikes and disasters. With this philosophy, the Levant has managed to get rid of that call “yunke of adversity”.

That Girona party of 2019

If there is a game that has been burned in the last five years at least, it was the one of the day 37 in Montilivi against the local team, Girona. Coke Andujar y Aitor Fernández remember with Betway How the game was lived in which the winner was saved and the loser descended and how the philosophy of Levante influenced this decisive match.

The meeting started fatal no, lo siguiente, for granotas. Toño and Róber Pier (this gravity) they were injured as soon as the game started and as if that were not enough, Levante started losing the match. In these circumstances is where you see when a team is a true family and is committed to their own. When many had lowered their arms, Levante was able to rebuild and overcome the match with goals from Commander Morales y White after a spectacular pass from Campaign.

Both Aitor and Coke were very direct protagonists in decisive actions of the party. The goalkeeper made a superb performance, to the point of earning the nickname of ‘Ángel de Montilivi’ and Coke was involved in a play that the referee decreed a penalty and expulsion but that later the VAR showed that it was neither one thing nor the other and finally the referee annulled the decision.

In this video you can see the statements of both Aitor and Coke and also Emilio Nadal, director of the Historical Heritage of the Levant.

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