Hazard, another ‘crystal player’ who joins the white list

Hazard, another ‘crystal player’ who joins the white list
Por desgracia, Hazard has become one more crystal player at Real Madrid. PHOTO: Real Madrid

Real Madrid have had many ‘crystal players during its history '. After the medical tests performed, the worst forecasts have been confirmed again. Eden Hazard he is injured again. This is not something that ‘gets scared’ at Real Madrid, Well, in the white club the continuous injuries of a player who came as a great star and who is not shining at all have already been taken out of habit. Physical problems keep you off the ground much longer than you should, reason why its continuity in the plans of Zidane is being null.

Hazard's case is no stranger to the white club, who has already experienced similar situations with many other players who made the infirmary their particular dressing room, which caused him to leave the team prematurely.

Other examples of 'crystal players' who have played in the ranks of the white team:


Fichado en el 2004 from the English Premier League, arrived at Madrid injured, apparently without some gravity. The certain and fixed thing is that that inoffensive break of fibers prevented him from stepping on the pitch of the Bernabéu in his first season. At the beginning of the following year he made his debut against Athletic, but he relapsed again. Finally, juice 14 partidos en 2 years.


The Dutchman has been a player who, in a way, has left some mark, despite the amount of physical ups and downs he accumulated. Like Hazard, came from Chelsea, where he showed himself in the eyes of all Europe as a great player. He wanted to triumph in Madrid and did not succeed due to injuries. Finally, in his time at Bayern he managed to settle down and show a huge version.


The Brazilian player was one of the biggest claims in the second stage of Florentino. It came out, literally, in Milan, and he joined Real Madrid as another great ‘Galactic’. However, injuries and his desire to play the World Cup in Brazil, that did not please Mourinho since it had an impact on those physical problems, caused him to pass without pain or glory through the capital of Spain.


Maybe Bale is the closest precedent we find. The Welshman has been a key piece in all of Madrid's recent successes. Has set great performances, but his performance has been very intermittent due to injuries. It's more, practically disappeared from the map and a forced exit was sought.

Robert Prosinecki

The Croatian arrived in the early 90 as one of the best young players in the world. But his time at Real Madrid was an accumulation of injuries. Tanto, who got injured shooting at the door and was nicknamed ‘Crystal player.

Carlos Garrido

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