For CD Castellón life goes on

For CD Castellón life goes on

The legendary Julio Iglesias said in one of his songs that from which life goes on, There is always why to live, why fight, for who suffer and to love, at the end of the works are, the people leave and others who come will continue the, life goes on. This song maybe you could come in handy to fans of historical CD Castellón to explain the situation that is living in this decade of the century, a real ordeal for the faithful albinegros.

And we'll tell you the 9 April 2014 when David Gual, one of those followers who follow in the trenches, wrote on our page about the sad situation in which a historical as CD Castellón was, almost at the economic gap, social and athletically at that time that was even possible to descend to Regional Preferred, one step below if it fits in hell you're living entity.

Gone are the days when the visiting stadiums First Castellón.
Gone are the days when the visiting stadiums First Castellón.

More than a year and a half later and after a brief mirage of a few months it seems that the thing remains the same as we said at the beginning or perhaps worse. Because, David Gual back to our page to tell what is still happening in the CD Castellón, a historical who lived much better times decades ago when the lawn of Castalia spent the best teams in Spain.


In April 2014 Hanging from the web for football gave me the opportunity to give a modest touch to the situation of a historic national football such as CD Castellón.
October of 2015 and CD Castellón is in the same situation, or worse.

The season 2013/14 He was saved athletically, save the season if it is understood that a club accustomed to the 2nd military division does not descend to Regional Preferred. Financially the SAD entered bankruptcy proceedings, inevitable if one takes into account debt 7,2 MM € crawling and the inability to provide capital by the board of directors today.

In the season 2014/15 a template initially was drawn to be in position 6/7 (words of our Sports Director), nevertheless they reached 4000 partners (data, not always reliable, the club itself). Behold, suddenly the Generalitat Valenciana Castellón CD pays the amount owed € 660,000 for sponsorship in Aerocas 2009 Y 2010.

Make a point to remember that other clubs and businesses were also benefited from the payment of adeudamientos although it seems that only had an impact on the CD Castellón. Yes now, and thanks to that money, melts, partly, the template until then and signings of players are made, in theory, contrasted.

The flagship would RubénSuárez, former Levante and Almería, among other equipment. The results did not accompany it decides to change coach and reaches the albinegro bench Ramón Calderé. I think not mistaken in saying that Calderé blows to the team and especially the fans orellut optimism and euphoria overwhelmed. Every time they go Castalia fans, the equipment works and just going up to finish in the group campeonando 6 of the 3rd Division.

Everything is going and the fans looking forward to the playoff for promotion. We are closer than ever to forget the 3rd division and see some light at the end of the tunnel. That's when everything becomes a twist, as it seems the fate of albinegro club in recent times.

Harnessing the playoff exorbitant prices are set for the tie against Linares. Partners who had trusted the team after the previous disastrous season have to go through box if you want to see the "party of ascent", demented. This thins the environment. We nevertheless in that round tie in Castalia we met a 12000 people with a dignified atmosphere prior 1st division by the 2 hobbies. Linares was clearly superior and deservedly won promotion.

The fans came to see the Castellón-Linares for promotion to 2ªB.
The fans came to see the Castellón-Linares for promotion to 2ªB.

In the repechage to CD Castellón touch him Haro, 4th classified in the group of 3rd riojano, more than affordable priori. Stunned the team even after the coup is wrong Linares Calderé, It is not studied rival, opt for players who just have not played all season and top vents his anger at the press conference after the first game against players. A nefarious penalties, where players fail their CD Castellón 3 Releases leaves us out.

And so begins the season 2015/16, mired in sadness and agony. further, President, David Cruz, delves more into the wound by setting a decent price 2nd division, By doing pay 50% children manure from 5 years!. The president has come to send fans who complained about the prices of fertilizers "to which they were to Villarreal", a reflection of the "spirit" of this, our president.

It renews Calderé and the computer base, but after the failure of the campaign fertilizers problems begin. The team did not march and dispenses 2 pillars of the wardrobe, one Ruben Suarez, citing reasons of indiscipline, although it not explained anything. Shortly after Calderé is omitted and it seems that some player's fall. We return to the start box, baratita squad and coach so you'll get the juice if you know and can.

Ruben Suarez and Calderé, a relationship that ended shattered.
Ruben Suarez and Calderé, a relationship that ended shattered. Photo:

In the economic sphere has already come out of bankruptcy and deadlines for debt settlement process have been established. This season should pay 10,000 € per month Hacienda, which will become € 20,000 next season. But we are worse, much worse. This year there will be Aerocas so looming difficulties in debt payments.

We have a president who lies and disrespect the fans continuously treating imbeciles. And the worst, in the hobby it has created a climate of pasotismo, get carried away, not power. It has fought hard and long and that tired.

City Hall, after the change of political color, finally it seems to want to do something for the CD Castellón. We hope events, and do not dilate. Not much tiempo.Copio the end of the previous writing, serve us again: "The company urgently needs money, either as investors or new owners, but the disappearance will be the only real end. "

David Gual, tier amateur

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