Liverpool lost with United and is in decline

Manchester United, especially effective, snatched all three points from Liverpool this Sunday at Anfield (1-2) that remains sunk in the board after the “diablos rojos” They will take advantage of their few arrivals to leave a goal from English Steven Gerrard at the start of the second half.

With the first shot between the three sticks of Alex Ferguson's, in the minute 51, Brazilian Rafael Da Silva tied the match against some ‘reds’ who played fifty minutes with ten, and the Dutch Robin Van Persie established the definitive advantage for the visitors with a penalty with ten minutes remaining.

After five rounds of the English league, Liverpool remains, with two points, in the relegation places, while those of Ferguson maintain the second position, on the prowl for Chelsea, who leads the classification with a point of advantage.

United threatened to overwhelm Liverpool in the first minutes and pressed with half the team in the three-quarters area of ​​the rival field, to the point that “reds”, who could not help but clear balls under the pressure of the visitors, it took several minutes to get past midfield.

The push of Alex Ferguson's, however, was a mirage and, before ten minutes, the game had already acquired the course that it would follow throughout the first part: Liverpool dominated the ball against United unable to spin several consecutive passes.
Brendan Rodgers' tactic was to deactivate the Portuguese Nani, to the left, and the Ecuadorian Antonio Valencia, on the right, to try to stop the battering ram from “diablos rojos”, Dutch Robin Van Persie, had chances to finish.

The strategy worked so well that the Premier's top scorer last season, bored of waiting in tip without any result, finished the first half going down to look for balls in the vicinity of his own area, almost like one more defense.

The locals were the owners of the ball, However, they did not seriously disturb Danish goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard. (Spaniard David De Gea was back on the bench).

Faced with the inability of his team to attack, Ferguson also made his path clear, that it was none other than accumulating footballers in the rear to thwart any approach of Rodgers'.

The Uruguayan Luís Suárez was the one who suffered the most from that large United defense, that he undone over and over the personal moves with which he tried to get closer to the rival goal.

At the end of the first half, los “diablos rojos” they had not known how to create danger, although they were effective in stopping a Liverpool that lost a man five minutes before the break, English Jonjo Shelvey, who earned a direct red card by leaving his foot marked on the shin of his compatriot Jonny Evans.

Despite the numerical inferiority, los “reds” they gave a blow of authority to the game as soon as they left the locker room, through his captain Steven Gerrard, who controlled a ball with his chest in the center of the area and, without letting it touch the grass, hit a shot with the left unreachable for the Danish goal.

Tribute to the deceased in Hillsborough

The locals celebrated their goal in the English football classic by forming a scrum near a corner, like they won a title.

Not in vain, today was a meeting full of tension, that Anfield fans opened with a large mosaic claiming “Justice” y “truth” regarding the Hillsborough tragedy, the human avalanche in which they died 96 Liverpool fans in 1989.

The joy in the stands did not last more than five minutes, the time it took for United, once again showing off its effectiveness, in tying the match with his first shot on goal of the match.

Brazilian Rafael da Silva crossed a ball from inside the area that dug into the squad of Spanish goalkeeper Pepe Reina, helpless before the shot that balanced the score again.

The finishing touch for Liverpool was going to be put by Van Persie just ten minutes from the end from the penalty spot.

The local defender Glen Johnson stopped Rafael's advance towards the small area with a foul that the referee did not hesitate to point out., and the Dutchman took advantage of the shot from eleven meters to launch a powerful shot to the left of Reina, who guessed the trajectory of the ball but failed to stop it.

Julio Muñoz

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