Large teams with five or more years without lifting titles

Large teams with five or more years without lifting titles

The following post is intended to pay tribute to those great teams from the main leagues in Europe that live a period marked by the lack of titles of at least five seasons. The years when the canopy rose easily gave way to a time of drought that in some cases is proving deeper than in others.

Thus, in Hanged by Football, We remember today the historic clubs that have not lifted an official title for the longest time:


  • Valencia: from the Copa del Rey of the 2008 under the orders of Ronald Koeman does not know what it is to win a title.
  • Athletic de Bilbao: in 1984 they managed to win the league, the Cup and the Super Cup. Since then, a Europa League final and a Copa del Rey final as baggage. Almost 30 years without knowing the honeys of success.
  • Real society: Copa del Rey in 1987 It was the last trophy to be added to some showcases that collect two Leagues and one more Cup.


  • AS Roma: an Italian Cup in 2008 it was the last tournament raised by Totti and his team. Six years of that.
  • Parma: The Italian Cup of 2002 was the last title. More of 12 years sailing through nothing.
  • Torino: the Italian Cup of 1993 It was the most recently won tournament. Recently, for saying something.
La Roma ganó su última "Coppa" in 2008.
Roma won their last “Coppa” in 2008.


  • Arsenal: in it 2005, Wenger lifted the last title (an FA Cup) of the “gunners”. Since then, a final in Champions, but no Cups and Premiers.
  • Tottenham: sales by record figures, billionaire signings and a sad reality. From 1991 without winning a miserable FA Cup.
  • Nottingham Forest. In 1980 he won the European Cup and since then his name has been walking through the lower categories of British football.
  • Everton: from 1995 does not win an FA Cup.
  • Leeds United: one of England's greats lost in the English Championship. He has not won since he won the Premier of 1992



      • AS Monaco: in the year 2000, he won the League and the Super Cup but since then he has not added an official title other than the Ligue 2.


      • Bayern Leverkusen: Although at European level it has a lot of name, there is only one truth in this team. In Germany, He has only won one Cup and it was in 1993.
      • Hamburg: from 1983 does not win a Bundesliga and since 2003 a League Cup. This one will not be lucky either.


      • Sporting Lisbon: in 2008 they won the Cup and Super Cup. They were the last titles of a team that lives in the shadow of Porto and Benfica.


      • Feyenoord: the new millennium, a UEFA in the 2002 achieved at home and a Cup at 2008. That's where everything ends for this historic tulip football.
Titles have not landed in Rotterdam since 2008.
Titles have not landed in Rotterdam since 2008.

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