The coaches with the most points in the history of the League

The coaches with the most points in the history of the League
Guardiola and Mourinho in the same image. Guardiola and Mourinho in the same image. PHOTO: Brand

Who are the coaches who scored the most points in a season in the history of the League? This somewhat misleading statistic because first victories in the league to 1995 worth 2 points and was from the season 1995/96 when the victories began to assert 3 points.

two circumstances that say a lot of these records are also given, one that has only been achieved by coaches from Barcelona and Real Madrid and two that they all got from 2009/10 Spanish football with clearly fragmented by economic crisis.

Guardiola and Mourinho in the same image

  1. Jose Mourinho: Mou made the controversial 100 points with Real Madrid in season 2011/12. His record was later matched but the Portuguese was the first to realize.
  2. Tito vilanova: the missing coach managed to equalize the score of Mourinho in the 2012/13 leading to Barcelona and although his health problems kept him off the bench during part of the season. Unfortunately he passed away in 2014 due to cancer.
  3. Pep Guardiola: did 99 points in the 2009/10 to win their second League as FC Barcelona coach. It was the best score until it was surpassed by teams Mourinho and Tito.
  4. Pep Guardiola: did 96 points in the 2010/11 to win back the league as FC Barcelona coach
  5. Manuel Pellegrini: certainly a unique case. It is the second coach of Real Madrid has done most points in the history of the league with 96 in the 2009/10 but nevertheless, They were not enough to win the league as it was overtaken by 99 Guardiola. Chile was fired at the end of that season. His mole was the 'Alcorconazo'.

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