Five retro football game

Five retro football game

And possibly even a sign that we grow older, in Colgados for football we are a Nostalgic and we like to go back to more romantic times, those times where your parents gave you 100 pesetas and you empleabas the 75 % in playing video games and the rest you would invest in pipes. That time when consoles and computers, They were almost the prehistory. All the time, we want to remind retro five football games.

International Superstar Soccer (1994)

Developed by Konami for Super Nintendo, It went on sale in 1994 as the first FIFA competition, He triumphing on the Sega Mega Drive, main rival of Nintendo. With very good graphics for its time and an interesting gameplay 1994, International Superstar Soccer evenings gave glory.

FIFA International Soccer

In the 90 it was fashionable to put that “international soccer” football video games. Thus came the first FIFA history, Beyond the new season 93/94 and on the eve of the World USA 94. Without the licenses that years later would acquire and players like Roberto Comings in Spain, the first FIFA took us many hours playing with friends in front of that Mega Drive game gave both. It was the beginning of a successful franchise that today continues to break the market.

Italy 90

Back in the distant 1990, Italy was the country responsible for organizing the World. as, the emerging game industry took the corresponding game. This was the Italy 90 we could enjoy Sega consoles. Heads running around the field and many nostalgic moments for those who now spend the 30. By the way if you want to play and I remember it check out this link.

Super Sidekicks 2

Also by mid 90 He came this Super Sidekicks 2 the legendary Neo Geo. As the console was quite expensive and rare in Spain, many we had to enjoy their mythical recreational games at the rate of the currency “five hard” with the hole in the middle. Entre los Street Fighter, Metal Slug o King of the fighters, we take a few games this football game that was a blast at that time.

Michel Master Football

On computers of late 80 He jumped this football game that took the name of one of the best Spanish players at that time, Michel. Real Madrid player enjoyed some fame and that propelled the known Dinamic Multimedia (then create the legendary PC Football) Michel create the Master Football. A set of archaic court today but did fire the imagination of the kids of the time we played in those almost prehistoric computers.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

Hanged for football fully. Attempt to gather letters and tell stories in Specialist retro football Current. Football Coach Level II. You can follow me on @AlbertiniLlopis @colgadosfutbol


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