Five of the best central defenders in the history of Valencia

Five of the best central defenders in the history of Valencia
Roberto Fabian Ayala, one of the best central defenders in the history of Valencia. He also played in Zaragoza Photo: sport Valenciano

Who are the best central defenders in the history of Valencia? sure the loyal fans flocking to Mestalla have their particular list head. This is our humble and particular list of the five best center in the history of Valencia.

Roberto Fabian Ayala. Argentina became a legend of Valencia. linchpin of that Valencia won two league between 2002 Y 2004 and the double in the last year with UEFA Cup. The “Mouse”, He proved to be one of the best plants that have gone through the Spanish championship. Eternal idol for a parish ever demanding.

Ricardo Arias. An icon in the history of Valencia with nothing more and nothing less than 447 valencianista official matches defending the shield. Arias, He responded to typical profile center exquisite, with good ball and cut excelso. Little lover rises to attack, only he scored four goals in his career, but one vital, penalty, in the end of the Recopa of 1980.

Carlos Marchena. Seville won it all with Spain and is a myth of Valencia. One of the bulwarks of that championship team early twenty-first century by Rafa Benitez. A plant that left its mark on the house valencianista 319 official parties and 9 years at the Mestalla club.

Voro. It is not only the man who fires off and leaves his post of delegate to train again and again when shooting club coach not turn if that was before the Valencia center. It was a rock in defense of Valencia between 1985 Y 1993.

Paco Camarasa. He was with Voro and Giner one of the best generations of plants in the history of Valencia. He played as Valencia from 1988 year 2000 It is even mundialista in 1994 in USA as a player Mestalla club.

Obviously we know that there are many, many more but we wanted to simplify it into a smaller list 5 so we have to make a second part.

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