Great puffs from the Spanish League: Jean Philipe Javary

Grandes pufos de la Liga española: Jean Philipe Javary
Jean Philipe Javary had his card with Espanyol even though no one saw him on the field. PHOTO: Panini stickers

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Who is Jean Philipe Javary? We have to admit that we found out about the existence of this player almost by fluke., checking an old classic Extra Liga Don Balon 1997/98. Specific, keeping an eye on the staff of the Barcelona of the time that eventually would win the league's hand Van Gaal, It appeared a name among the list of players, Jean Philipe Javary, of which however, He did not leave any photo of the player concerned. Given this curiosity and the fact that the name practically didn't ring any bells to us, We decided to search the internet to find out who this player was..

Jean Philipe Javary, Barça's ghost signing

Born in January 1978, back in the summer of 97 Barcelona was fixed in this French player who had played for Montpellier. Next to the list of reinforcements, it was announced that the player signed by 6 years as a player in the culé first team despite not being well known in professional football.

In fact, This was the main problem that the player when he signed for Barcelona was not professional. This forced the contract was invalid since by law Montpellier, He was entitled to collect relevant training rights.

The amount would be laughable for figures that move today culés, in fact already they were at that time. If the player wanted to play for Barcelona, must pay 50 million old pesetas but the club, He refused to pay them and it was the player who had to take charge. Something that did not seem viable since possibly, nor he had that amount. A) Yes, the signing was ruined and the player, Barcelona went through like a ghost because he never rested nor club FC Barcelona T-Shirt.

He ended up at Espanyol where he had a testimonial stint

After a blank year, He continued in Barcelona and decided to sign for the other club in the city, Espanyol where he also had a testimonial step. He went out on loan to the French Second Division to play for Valencienne since Bielsa did not have him and to stumble around Scotland. Also by minor teams in England and even in Australia. A player who accomplished nothing remarkable not because they hold arrived or anywhere where it was. A footballer of those who obviously saving distances, reminiscent of other stories like Ali Dia o KAISER we told you here, in Hanged.

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