February 27, 2021
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    I do not see these forums, Comment A GREAT PLAYER OF REAL BETIS BALOMPIE SEVILLE, had a player named ROGELIO, queahora has a 75 years, and lives in Coria del Rio, I saw that when I played with Zidane class until he copied his style, Well that player was a specialist in Olympic goals, its tab consist TEN, I remember that when flushed corner, the shot was shaking from head to toe. I remember a comment from Becquer Bauer, when his team Bayer, lost 5 a 1 Betis with a trophy summer in the city of Huelva. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE FOOTBALL SPAIN, THE BEST SPANISH PLAYER I HAVE SEEN, And it is NOT PLAY IN THE SELECTION. HERE IN SPAIN TO THE FOOTBALL MOVES THE POLICY.

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    Victor LEGROTAGLIE former player and idol Gimnasia MENDOZA IS THE KING OF THE OLYMPIC GOALS.

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    good morning, I want to clarify one thing: King of the Olympic goals is a former Argentine player named Victor Legrotaglie, he got 12 Olympic goals. regards!!

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