Jonathan Espericueta, King of the Olympic goals

Jonathan Espericueta, King of the Olympic goals
Espericueta is the second player with the most Olympic goals.

Jonathan Espericueta, besides being one of the great stars of the World sub 20 Turkey and basic pillar schemes Tigres has a very special record behind: that of being the man with the most Olympic goals scored throughout his career after Argentina “Cococho” Alvarez. And is that despite having only 18 years, this guy has marked his life over six Olympic goals, five of them with the national team.

Mediocentro of great physical display and powerful arrival in the area that knows how to combine it short with long, Mexico and Tigers are holding a future world football references, especially noted for its exceptional scrimmage. Silver Ball World U-17, where the “Tri” proclaimed champion, Espericueta has all the ingredients to be a phenomenal player in the coming years.

And that they know in Europe, where half a dozen teams have already asked for him, taking the same response. At the moment, Tigers does not sell. Aztec set, one of the most powerful of his country and the continent, knows that to keep him a couple of seasons would raise its cache and thus achieving enter much more money as a possible transfer.

Southpaw Spanish descent, definitely, what is most striking is his ability to score goals from the pennant. China, Germany, there have been several powers who have seen Espericueta score goals with his devilish strike with effect, between them, Germans cited, who had the dubious honor of receiving the first goal from a corner in the history of FIFA U-17 . A statistical mode, so many goals has made him become the king of the Olympic goals, outpacing other leading experts like Paul Owens, the man who was able to score in the Championship doubled from the corner, o Chalie Tully o Bernd Nickel, although far from unforgettable Argentine “Cococho” Alvarez, who scored nine goals this peculiar form.

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  1. I do not see these forums, Comment A GREAT PLAYER OF REAL BETIS BALOMPIE SEVILLE, had a player named ROGELIO, queahora has a 75 years, and lives in Coria del Rio, I saw that when I played with Zidane class until he copied his style, Well that player was a specialist in Olympic goals, its tab consist TEN, I remember that when flushed corner, the shot was shaking from head to toe. I remember a comment from Becquer Bauer, when his team Bayer, perdio 5 a 1 Betis with a trophy summer in the city of Huelva. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE FOOTBALL SPAIN, THE BEST SPANISH PLAYER I HAVE SEEN, And it is NOT PLAY IN THE SELECTION. HERE IN SPAIN TO THE FOOTBALL MOVES THE POLICY.

  2. Victor LEGROTAGLIE former player and idol Gimnasia MENDOZA IS THE KING OF THE OLYMPIC GOALS.

  3. good morning, I want to clarify one thing: King of the Olympic goals is a former Argentine player named Victor Legrotaglie, he got 12 Olympic goals. Greetings!!

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