Timeshare Mexican teams

Timeshare Mexican teams

Since the beginning of Mexican soccer, the timeshare was already present but in recent years has increased too much equipment to the same owners. Long time not taking football as a passion but as a business makes. The sample is that the 45% Mexican soccer is under timeshare. That is to say, 7 every 10 teams are from the same owners.

there are no people who manage teams more companies like Televisa, Grupo Carso and Grupo Caliente say some. In the First Division (Liga MX), only exist 4 equipment in which the owner, It is not a company as such. In the case of Fidel Kuri Grajeales owner of Veracruz Tiburones Rojos, Jesus Lopez chargoy owner and president of Puebla, Valentin Diez Morodo owner of the Red Devils of Toluca and finally Carlos Hugo Lopez chargoy sole owner of all Chiapas FC.

The other teams are companies. A real sadness that Mexican football is throwing away. In the Second Division of Mexico (Ascenso MX), Several clubs have teams as affiliates to give more playing time to some players and the main thing is what they look for all companies within the scope of Mexican soccer is making money.

Grupo Caliente is one of the owners of Mexican soccer.
Grupo Caliente is one of the owners of Mexican soccer.

Good examples are: Dorados de Sinaloa that was bought in a 60% Hot Group as a subsidiary of the Xolos, Necaxa subsidiary of America, Carmen Dolphins team recently acquired by the owner of Oceanography Group Queretaro FC and Estudiantes Tecos is the third team in football Grupo Carso Mexico.

While in First Division, timeshare teams are: Grupo Televisa America, Atlas Grupo Salinas, Grupo Caliente Tijuana, Cementos Cruz Azul Cruz Azul, Queretaro FC Oceanography Group, Grupo Salinas Morelia and Leon and Pachuca Pachuca, both of Grupo Carso.

The america, Mexican soccer a big part of the Mexican TV.
The america, Mexican soccer a big part of the Mexican TV.

It is noteworthy that precisely, the company that professional football franchises in Mexico, Grupo Carso is where the owner is one of the richest people in the world. The billionaire Carlos Slim Billionaire say. Also known as Grupo Pachuca, They have in their coffers: Pachuca, Lion reigning champion of Mexican soccer and Estudiantes Tecos Ascent Real Oviedo MX besides Spanish, a historic come unless militates in Second Division B, the third category of Spain, where sporting director is Joaquin Del Olmo, an old acquaintance of Mexican soccer.

Pachuca group dominates the Mexican soccer.
Pachuca group dominates the Mexican soccer.

But nevertheless, President and Liga de Ascenso MX, said that in 5 More years (2018), It will no longer be allowed in the timeshare regulations in Mexican football and there will be only one owner per institution. Is it true?, We'll see but we do not believe much.


Grupo Caliente: Xolos and Dorados (Promotion alloy)
Televisa: America and Necaxa (Promotion alloy)
TV Azteca: Morelia and Atlas
Pachuca group (Grupo Carso): Pachuca and Estudiantes Tecos and Leon (Promotion alloy)
Amado Yanez: Queretaro and Ciudad del Carmen Dolphins (Promotion alloy).

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