Los 10 best goals in World Cup history

Los 10 best goals in World Cup history
The best goals in World Cup history.

Not far from easy to draw up a list of the best goals in World Cup history. There have been many and diverse beautiful bill. From outside the box, Olympic goals, Historic butting, cavalcades impossible, combinations dream. It's hard to pick, but still a risk that many others would like more elaborate, We welcome 10 most beautiful goals in the history of the final stages of World:

1- Diego Armando Maradona, Argentina-England, world 1986: perhaps because he did the best footballer on the planet, perhaps because it did against a country with which made few dates had been a goal, or simply because he took the ball and dribbled from midfield to six English players, the truth is that Maradona's second goal of the English is almost unanimously considered the best goal in World Cup history.

2-Charles Albert, Brazil-Italy, world 1970. In a final, the best team ever initialing a style for eternity with a goal dream. The seven players played with 28 touches nine passes in long and five turns, to get her side long haul. The goal explained how he played Brazil. It was the perfect goal.

3- Dennis Bergkamp, Netherlands-Argentina, world 1998. Possibly the most technical player who has given permission Netherlands Johan Cruyff. He did not know scoring goals, only he understood by golazos. One day he decided to bring his country into the semi-finals of France 98 with a much made in Bergkamp. Trim amazing and shooting squad. Roa could not do anything.

4- Teofilo Cubillas, Peru-Scotland, world 1978. this Peruvian, one of the best players ever in South American football had a very special way to launch failures. Scotland, World plenary in Argentina 78, He suffered in the flesh like throwing a free-kick excellently. With the outside, strong and the squad. Definitely, unstoppable, as was the great Cubillas.

5- SAEED Al-Owairan, Belgium-Saudi Arabia, world 1994. If this man had belonged to a large selection, today would be remembered as the player who scored that goal by… Nowadays, however, remains in our forgetfulness, but not for Colgados for football, which still has the historical memory of its immense bring up both the World USA in which he made an impossible ride after leaving half stunned Belgium. Maradona Persian Gulf as he was named thereafter became the image of Coca-Cola, Ford and Toyota, He became a regular character on Arab television and was an ambassador of Saudi sport. In 1994 She received the Golden Ball Best Asian Player of the Year.

6- Carles Puyol, Spain-Ukraine, world 2006. It was a collective move, a foretaste of ticky-Taca that Spain would use later to win so many games. combinations, roulettes, passports, walls and a central goal. Although that Central, Carles Puyol.

7- Eusebio, Portugal-North Korea, world 1966. Panther was the architect of the great comeback of the Lusitanian Koreans in the quarter-finals they lost 0-3. Partly, because embroidered with a play where Asian combined medium stared Mozambican raid by Korean countryside and its magnificent subsequent resolution.

8- Marcos Coll, USSR-Colombia, world 1962. This would not have much value if it were not because it is the only Olympic goal in World Cup history and the goalkeeper that was done is the best of all time: the black spider. Simply, one image to the memory.

9- Gica Hagi, Colombia-Romania, world 1994. It was a full-fledged goal for a player who had a glove on his foot. He puts where wanted, as he often did, only this time in a World. It seemed to center, who he poisoned to enter through the bracket. However, only he, I knew that it was actually one of his magical launches drone.

10- Skin, Sweden-Brazil, world 1958. It was the awakening of a boy 17 years was to star. He did it in a final, where only the biggest highlights. He received a long pass with his chest that controlled, he lowered, He made a hat and a rival within the area and within. film, Or simply, O Rei.

other golazos: Njanka, Cameroon-Austria, Fernando Hierro to Switzerland, White Holland, Owen a Argentina

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  1. Each head is a world and respect their oopinión but for my taste Scissor goal Manuel Negrete Arias (Mexico vs Bulgaria 1986) You should be on the list of best 10. THANK YOU.

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