Los 5 highest paid footballers in the world

Los 5 futbolistas mejor pagados del mundo
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Last update 4 April, 2022 by Alberto Llopis

L'Equipe recently revealed the highest salaries in the Ligue 1. Where, to no one's surprise, PSG dominates with a clear advantage. is that we go, there are more options to win in the online casino to the fact that the Parisian team does not have the most expensive squad.

But, Today we will not only talk about a specific league.

We are going to focus on the highest paid players on the planet. Clear, there are several from PSG on this list, but there is also a surprise.

So we start with the top of the highest paid players in world soccer.

1. Neymar Jr. – PSG

The Brazilian is the highest paid soccer player on the planet. His salary amounts to 48.996.000 gross euros per year. This thanks to his last renewal with the Parisian club, and not even the arrival of Messi has taken the throne in Paris.

Ney, pocketed each month the amount of 4.083.000 euros. A fairly high figure for its current performance.

That's why, the L'Equipe article has caused such a stir in France. Why, added to the failure in Champions, The Brazilian's years in the team have not been good at all. In fact, the most staunch fans of the team ask for his departure for this summer.

2. Lionel Messi – PSG

Last summer the bomb exploded, Messi left Camp Nou to join PSG after 20 Years in the blaugrana club. In addition to sports, what the Rosario would charge in Paris generated intrigue.

After all, his departure from Barcelona was due to a salary issue.

The truth is that Lio, charge at PSG 40.500.000 gross euros per year. What they come to be 3.375.000 a month. A lower number than expected by many. However, it's still a lot of money.

Even more, when performance The first year of the flea in the city of light has been one of the worst of his career.

3. Gareth Bale – Real Madrid

Closing the podium we find a big surprise. The controversial Welsh footballer wins a year 34.000.000 of gross euros. A fortune that in the white house they throw away directly.

And it's that Bale, He does not play or account for the white team.

It is not a quality problem, above all, Apparently on the last FIFA date. Because the player transforms when he puts on the shirt of his selection.

also surprising, in this case, that Bale is above Benzema in salary, being the Frenchman the maximum star of the team.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United

The good son comes home goes the saying, and it was what CR7 did last summer when joining Manchester United. The club that saw him become a world star, but the Portuguese returned to be the highest paid in the Premier League.

Ronaldo charges an annual gross salary of 31.560.000 of euros. What it is 2.630.000 euros per month.

The bad news for the club is that not even the arrival of the 'Bug' has been able to solve their sports problems.

5. Karim Benzema – Real Madrid

The podium is closed by Benzema. The Madrid striker earns the sum of 30.000.000 of gross euros. And if we check the performance of this list, Without a doubt, He is the one who deserves his salary the most.

The French numbers leave no doubt, it's right now, one of the fittest players on the planet, and the meringue fans are more than delighted.

But we know that football is nothing for merit, nor the results of the matches, and less the salaries of the soccer players.

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