Mocks a player other than a penalty has failed and he will cross the face of a sopapo

Un jugador se burla de otro que ha fallado un penalti y éste le cruza la cara de un sopapo
Álex Mowatt attacks Thompson after he taunts him after missing a penalty (Foto: BBC)

Last update 27 March, 2018 por Javi Argudo

It happened in a match of League One England. They vied for the match Portsmouth and Oxford United when the referee ruled a penalty in favor of the visiting team. Alex Mowatt went to the fateful spot and launched completely fooling the opposing goalie but the ball hit the post and went repulsed. Up there all more or less within normal.

Sin embargo, Portsmouth player, Nathan Thompson, He decided to make a dead horse and hurried to Mowatt to mock for having missed the penalty. That's when Oxford striker lost the papers and gave an important sopapo. Players from both teams were locked and the referee, after consulting with his assistant, admonishing decided to Thompson and yellow expelled with a straight red to Mowatt.

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