Why Spanish League women's football does not win as Germany?

Why Spanish League women's football does not win as Germany?

Amid the noise generated by Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar and the maelstrom of news generated around Madrid and Barcelona, I exist in Colgados for football hollow to talk about women's football and the Spanish league in that category. Made of 16 equipment, They are just a few who know of its existence and continue daily.

Nacida en 1988, This serves as a showcase competition for most players to make themselves known and promote, but mostly, fogueen is facing international calls to Spain, selection is ultimately achieving great performances in women's flat, as evidenced by the third place in the European Under-17 this past summer and made the quarterfinals at Euro finals in Sweden absolute.

The importance of the competition is increasing although there are still serious problems to solve. El primero de ellos, the schedules. Already they played a few night games, but almost all of them are held on Sunday mornings, not counting on the presence of television cameras, with low impact that entails.

Therefore, no significant income, because the lockers are all important. In fact, Most teams play in sports centers with limited seating. And salary, Better not talk, if you want to earn a living with the ball at his feet better emigrate to other countries, perhaps Sweden, perhaps United States, there are cases of Vero Boquete, Adriana Martin or Jennifer Hermoso

Los 16 League teams and stadiums:

Club City Estadio
Athletic Club Bilbao Lezama
Club Atletico Madrid Féminas Madrid Cerro El Espino mini-stadium
CD Transportes Alcaine Zaragoza Delicias Sports Center
Club Deportivo San Gabriel San Adrián de Besos José Luis Ruiz Casado
Barcelona Soccer Club Barcelona Joan Gamper Sports City
FC Levante Las Planas San Juan Despi Municipal Plains
Granada Football Club Granada Miguel Prieto
Levante Sports Union Valencia Nazareth Sports Center
Oviedo Moderno CF Oviedo Manuel Diaz Vega
Rayo Vallecano of Madrid Madrid Rayo Vallecano Sports City
Royal Football Society Saint Sebastian Zubieta Facilities
Royal Spanish Sports Club Barcelona Dani Jarque Sports City
Sevilla Football Club Sevilla Guadalquivir Stadium
Sporting de Huelva Huelva Ciudad Deportiva of the Conquero
UD Collerense Palma de Mallorca Can Caimari
Valencia Football Club Féminas Valencia Municipality of Beniferri

League takes place along 30 journeys, to Return, endowing the team champion position in the Women's Champions League, never won by a Spanish box. Levante and Athletic are the joint most successful in the league with four titles, although Barcelona has won the last two taking advantage of declining budgets of most teams. Is not surprising that Real Madrid or other historical as Betis.

Although even more it is surprising the different treatment given to this league compared to what happens in other countries like Germany. Every important match of the day there is televised by Eurosport which has been the rights for Europe, exceed hearings 55 millions of viewers around the world, stadiums can reach gather regularly to 1.500 o 2000 people and its impact on the press is daily and not waste locations as in Spain. Germany, a country of 250.000 licensing (Spain has 61.394 sources as UEFA) and more of 5.486 clubs (España goza de 104, always in terms UEFA) also it has the privilege of having a professionalized Bundesliga.

Of course, the key is the culture of each country. Over there, the woman is respected, He is admired for sports and not even think about sex discrimination. The European Championship final won by Germany this past summer in Sweden was followed by 9,4 million viewers and 44% de share. Germany is the birthplace of the women's football clubs, but Sweden has 299.855 licensing (with a population not exceeding 10 millions of inhabitants) and the United States with a long million and a league, where despite problems, receives grants to pay the salaries of its members.

Julio Muñoz

Journalist, specialist in international football and retro. I write in Colgadosporelfutbol.com and you can follow me at @ juliomv1982
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