Who has seen and who sees you?

¿Quién te ha visto y quién te ve?
Rooney before and after hair implant.

Last update 26 November, 2013 por Julio Muñoz

In the world of football as in life in general it is difficult to appreciate the changes experienced by players. The fact of seeing them on television every week or at best every day, It makes them familiar and easy to identify characters. It seems like not spend time and how they are always the same. Sin embargo, as every human being, and much evolved. Just look at a picture of them at the beginning of their careers and at sunset to realize that any time could be better physically.

World Champions, Europeans, Africans, south americans, more or less money, in Colgados for football we look at the players that have most changed their “look” in the last times. We hope you like it:

1- I used to see him stripped started the review with Fabien Barthez, what in 1993 He lifted the European Cup with Olympique Marseille with hair.

Barthez en estado puro levantando la Orejona del 93.
Barthez pure Orejona raising the 93.

2- Zidane was another who enjoyed hair when he won the Ballon d'Or 1998. The current situation is very different. This absent.

Zidane ha perdido el pelo que tenía.
Zidane has lost his hair had.

3- Guardiola He has suffered much since he is coach. A picture is better than a thousand words.

Entre las dos fotos han pasado sólo cuatro años. Mucho tiempo o poco, según se vea.
Between the two photos it has been only four years. Long or short, see as.

4- Time passes up to the number 1. In this case, two athletes who dominate their disciplines with the ease of a leader known. Cambiasso and Federer.

Federer y Cambiasso eran unos "teenagers" en esta instantánea.
Federer and Cambiasso were about “teenagers” this instant.

5- There was a time where he was player, He had hair and no mustache. Yes, es Vicente del Bosque.

Del Bosque en su época de jugador en el Castellón.
Del Bosque in his playing days in Castellón.

6- Luis Aragones He is now a man getting on in years and with a glorious past. But there was a time when he was a young man with a bright future and guasa. a wise.

Luis Aragonés junto a Luiz Pereira ya hace muchos muchos años.
Luis Aragones with Luiz Pereira and many many years ago.

7- Don Alfredo It was the best in years 50. His genuineness encumbró him, much as his magic with the ball.

Di Stefano fue santo y seña del Madrid y aún lo es.
Di Stefano was watchword of Madrid and still is.

8- We look at Fernando (top right) with hair still, but neither he is lagging behind Quique Sanchez Flores (the second lower left) somewhat younger than now.

La alineación del Valencia  Club de Fútbol hace más de 20 años.
La alineación del Valencia Club de Fútbol hace más de 20 años.

9- Batistuta He was duped by signing an autograph on a blank paper, which he was later turned into a false promissory note 320.000 pesos (unos 65.000 dólares). Afortunadamente, finally, He did not have to pay anything.

Batistuta fue un ídolo en la Fiorentina.
It was an idol Batistuta at Fiorentina.

10- We ended up with Cristiano, a player who has had many “looks”, all equal flashy.

Cristiano ha tenido muchos cambios de imagen.
Christian has had many makeovers.

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