¿Feelings or millions?

¿Sentimientos o millones?

Last update 4 August, 2014 por Alberto Llopis

Otro año más, the Spanish League leaves us with a panorama full of inequalities. While the two big, they make multi-million dollar transfers again spending hundreds of millions, the rest of the teams try to create a competitive group to be able to have a worthy season within their possibilities. While the two giants spend 120-140 million euros in two players, the rest of the equipment, removing Atletico Madrid, they have to look for bargains in the market with budgets that do not even reach the 10% of the big two. That's why, Within these inequalities, we want to focus on a specific case, the one from SD Eibar.

They say that comparisons are hateful but things are as they are. The armory set, will play for the first time in its history in the First Division and will be the most modest team in the championship. With a brutal job behind and very few means, especially cheap, the mere presence of the Basques in the top Spanish competition is already almost a miracle and their rise, deserves to be in the biggest milestones of this sport. That's why, let's compare the big two, Real Madrid and Barcelona with Eibar in three points. Three teams from the same league but in different dimensions.

1-Barcelona and Real Madrid receive from the LFP television cast nearly 150 million euros each and the budget of both exceeds 500 millions of euros. Eibar rose in 2013 to Second with a budget of 1 millón de euros, from Second to First with 4 million and in the highest category will have the highest in its history with 18 millions. The salary of any of the stars of both greats, is superior to the entire budget of the gun club.

2-The Camp Nou has capacity for more than 90.000 spectators, the Bernabéu almost. Until last season, the modest Ipurua had capacity for just over 5000 spectators.

Será curioso ver a las grandes estrellas peleando en Ipurua por un balón.
It will be curious to see the big stars fighting in Ipurua for a ball.

3-Despite the waste of money of both great, their debts are also extensive although they have carte blanche against the rest of the teams. Curiously, although the gunsmith group has the poster of the poorest team, Eibar has an official debt of 0 euros and had to carry out an almost lightning capital increase due to the obligation of the LFP, which was successfully completed. Without a doubt two sides of the same coin. Sentiment or millions?, Let each one decide what they prefer..

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