Famous Real Madrid-Castilla Cup final 1980

El famoso Real Madrid-Castilla de la final de Copa de 1980
The initial greeting before the Cup final 1980. PHOTO: Youtube Capture

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Do you remember that mythical cup final 1980 between Real Madrid and its subsidiary?, Did you know they even played a final? Hanging by football wants to remember the famous final of the Copa del Rey between Real Madrid and their subsidiary team, Castilla. This is an event unparalleled possibly never again can re-occur. It happened in the season 79-80, when teams subsidiaries also had access also to play the competition KO.

The real Madrid, free to knockout, He had no trouble beating Logroñés and Betis in his first two rounds. More difficult it would with Atletico, which it eliminated in penalties. Once again the forecast was fulfilled and whites reached the final. What it was not at all in the script was that his opponent in the final was his brother “small”, Castilla.

White subsidiary founded in 1971 He marveled and strangers throughout his career in the competition. First was commissioned to eliminate Extremadura, Alcorcón and Racing Santander in the first qualifying. However, the best was yet to come. From sixteenths, rivals were first class and as such would involve the Castilla, then team that played in Second.

With a crowded Bernabeu to see white girls play promises, in the round of 32 top, He would fall Hercules after overturn a 4-1 adverse who had brought from Alicante. In eighths, It would be a historic, Athletic who succumb after winning in San Mamés 1-2 and tying 0 in Madrid. In rooms, the almighty Real Sociedad (League runner-up that year and winning the next two seasons) It would be the knee hincaría. And in semifinals, to end the apotheosis, It would be the Sporting of a myth like Quini the one who would yield in a dramatic extension after managing to come back a 2-0 Negative brought from El Molinon.

The famous Cup final 1980 between Real Madrid and Castilla

So that, the madridista party was served and the Santiago Bernabeu, How could it be otherwise, I would live the 4 June of 80, an unpublished final between the die equipment (logically he played white) and its subsidiary (that did purple). On this occasion, There was no pity, and they won the biggest small by 6-1. However, all fans came out happy. Some because his team had won a new title, and others because they saw that the future was guaranteed.

The Cup final earned Castilla to contest the Recopa of the season 80-81 in which it falls in the first round against West Ham. (3-1 in favor of Castile in the first leg, y 5-1 of the English in return disputed in London). It was the first time, a subsidiary disputed European competition, and possibly the last, well in 1990 the Federation banned the dispute of the Copa del Rey to subsidiaries.

final de Copa de 1980
After the parties, both teams posed for the press happy. He had won the Real Madrid. PHOTO: AS

The line-ups of the Copa del Rey final of 1980

A anecdotally, left alignment that final, which you can be seen in the subsequent emblems Castilla Real Madrid as Augustine or Ricardo Gallego.

Real Madrid: Garcia Remon; Known, Pirri, Benito Camacho; Ángel, Forest, Stalky (Garcia Hernandez, min. 63); Juanita, Santillana and Cunningham (Roberto Martinez, min. 82).
Castile: Agustin; Juanita, Herrero, Castaneda, Casimir; Alvarez, Gallego, Bernal; Pineda, Paco (Sanchez Lorenzo, min. 46) and Cidón (Balín, min. 73).

final de Copa de 1980
The captains of Real Madrid and Castilla posing before the Copa de 1980. PHOTO: Brand

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