Quini: the warlock goal

Quini: el brujo del gol
Quini, one of the best strikers in the history of Spain. PHOTO: Ace File

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Quini was the best Spanish striker during the decade of the 70 and beginning of . Warlock speak the goal was to talk. undisputed figure of Sporting Gijon in the early 70's and early 80, It is one of the top scorers in the history of Spanish Liga. He played for Sporting Gijon in two stages and in Barcelona.

Born in Oviedo 23 September 1949, Gijon was curiously rival of Oviedo where it reached as much as a football player. Fifteen seasons wearing the shirt of Sporting (at two different stages), Quini is undoubtedly the best player in the history of the Asturian club.

debuted in 1968 and he retired in 1987 after almost twenty years he is beating people by the goals of Spain and the world. Con 165 goals with the shirt of Sporting is the top scorer in the history of the Asturian club in First Division.

Dominator of the Pichichi trophy in his time

He won five tournaments Pichichi, leaving behind only the six who won Telmo Zarra and Alfredo Di Stefano tied with and Hugo Sanchez who won the same number of awards. He also won two trophies Pichichi in Second Division achieving a total of seven.

With the Spanish team participated in thirty-five games scoring eight goals. He played two World (1978 y 1982), both with a disappointing result for Spain and Euro (1980).

In 1980 He joined Barcelona after winning three pichichis with Sporting that the hand of the witch, It was one of the cockerels of the First Division. There won two other awards for top scorer of five who won throughout his career. He lived successes but also one of the biggest frights of his life.

Quini y Maradona, dos astros en el Barcelona
Quini and Maradona, two stars in Barcelona. PHOTO: Brand

The kidnapping of Quini, one of the episodes of the Spanish Football 80

He 1 March 1981 the life of Quini would overturn. After a game at the Camp Nou in which the Barcelona had won six zero Hercules, three young men were to intercept the Asturian player when he returned home to kidnap. They put him in a van and kept him hostage for twenty-five days.

The kidnappers set their freedom in a hundred million pesetas of the time but eventually the police released him in Zaragoza and the story had a happy ending. Despite the whole story it ended up being this season's top scorer.

Quini visiblemente afectado tras ser puesto en libertad
Quini visibly shaken after being released.

In 1984 He announced that hung the boots so the Barcelona underwent a tribute. Finally, the player decided to keep playing and returned home, Sporting where he played three more seasons, completing a total of fifteen as sportinguista. It was no longer the same but did not mind because Quini, was, It is and always will be the best striker who went through the Molinon.

He 27 February 2018, Quini left us forever

A cold afternoon in late February 2018, Quini “The goal Warlock”, He left us forever. The eternal Spaniard footballer He died of a cardiac arrest while he is walking around your home leaving the passage person to legend. And it is that Quini will always be one of the best strikers in the history of Spain.

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  1. I was privileged out there in years 70 to see play “Quini” in my team Sporting de Gijon, emocionsnte was going to Estadio El Molinon and see Quini, Castro, Churruca, etc. Sporting large best players of that era, but Quini was the idol to which we cry because the soul Goal Difficult as it was the party always expected with emotion that goal the warlock to win us the game, Warlock nickname that is because I could score amazing goals, He was a born goalscorer and scored headed goals, Free kick outside the area, in the small area, penalty was scored as beautiful and ugly goals but had a special style, always well hubicado in the area, when the ball fell at his feet the wise protect very well and was lethal head, I'm excited to see todabia to Quini in football but not play but it makes us remember those times where we saw him triumph at Sporting, Barsa and Red, Quini thanks for all the joy you gave us, You're a living legend.

  2. I remember seeing him play. It is simply a living legend of football. Now still linked to Sporting, as a delegate of the team. If playing was exceptional, as a person is truly ten. With how big it was, is modesty and kindness in person. They could learn from it and many current players… The driver of the coach of Sporting knows to always wait for Quini. He has friends all stages of Spain, and he is unable to leave if a T-shirt or scarf is signing (even rival's turn), or selfie do. A very great genius and a UNCLE!!!! Simply… THE WIZARD…

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