The fastest players in the Premier League

Last update 17 February, 2023 por Alberto Llopis

Hanged for football today wants to bring some of the fastest players in the English Premier League. Possibly by the type of game played in Barclays Premier League, this league, welcomes many players quick profile. Band players and front, the speed with your best weapon to beat the opponent. This is possibly the fastest players championship has.

We could start with the Arsene Wenger's Arsenal. The London, welcomes in its ranks many young players, rápidos, vertical and desequilibrantes. Today we will talk about two. The first is Theo Walcott, a boy born 16 de marzo de 1989 and he went to his first World Cup in 2006 a los 17 years without having debuted in the Premier. This young player, es capaz de correr los 100 meters in 10,37, making it a real missile attack from any position of the “Gunners”. The other missile Arsene Wenger's team Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, another young player who sees football at high speed. other extreme flying over the lawn, another player capable of doing mischief with his speed in the game.

Also in London, particularly in the rows of Tottenham Hotspur It is another fast player. Small and light constitution, Aaron Lennon It has nothing to envy the other two players who have spoken before, He is able to move through the field leaving defenders in slow motion. Another extreme high-flying. Not too far, Also in the same city, QPR's shirt, a classic Premier and another player a blistering pace unfolds. Hablamos de Shaun Wright-Phillips,  including former Manchester City or Chelsea, although it has lost some progress in recent years, treasuring continuous high speed when unfold between opposing defenses.


in Manchester, particularly in the United, We can find multiple players prior written profile. Today we will name two. one serious Aslhey Young, el otro, el ecuatoriano Antonio valencia. Two players so fast that give the literal meaning of the nickname that receives the Old Trafford club,  and that is both authentic “Diablos Rojos”. Both are able to fool the side most painted with rhythm changes, autopases and cuts in career.


And Birmingham,in the ranks of Aston Villa, Gabriel Agbonlahor find, a front unpronounceable but able to move at a speed of vertigo. This is a young man born in 1986 but long tour of the Premier and England. Until recently, He was known as the fastest player the Premier. a Swansea, we met with Nathan Dyer, another player who has much in common with some of those named above. And is that Dyer, as Lennon, Wright-Phillips o Walcott, It does not possess great physical size and has Jamaican descent, land of great sprinters. Despite his short stature, It is able to fly in 100 m and get many meters rivals.


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