A passionately unpredictable season

A passionately unpredictable season

Saying that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything is a no-brainer. But football is no stranger to it. Its most visible consequence is the lack of public in the stands, but its real effect goes beyond, motivated or not by the strange atmosphere that exists in the empty stadiums. And it is that in recent months we have witnessed absolutely unthinkable results in a fairly normal season. That leads us to think that this year can leave us unforgettable and anthological outcomes. Next, we review those bombings that are already part of recent football history ... and that may not be the only ones.

He 7-2 del Aston Villa al Liverpool

Let's start with the latest: Aston Villa's scandalous defeat of Liverpool for 7-2. Never before has a Premier League champion lost so resoundingly shortly after winning the title!! Not even the bookmakers could imagine such a hit, pues el 7-2 is a result that is not usually predicted at this level. Serve as an example that on the Wanabet page, the largest result is usually the 5-0. In this sense, he 5-2 it would be the closest thing and you can pay, easily, more of 100 a 1. Definitely, a blushing bag of goals that can cause crying… o risa. And this second option was the one chosen by his coach, Jürgen Klopp, who surprised by the naturalness with which the embarrassment fit. Maybe, With public, his reaction would have been another…

He 1-6 del Tottenham al United

But the last day of the Premier offered another historic win: he 1-6 del Tottenham de Jose Mourinho al Manchester United… ¡en Old Trafford! If the Portuguese coach had a reputation as ‘Amarrategui’, with this result more than one will change their mind. Even the early expulsion of Martial cannot serve as an excuse for the Red Devils who, having had their fans in the stands, they probably would have brought out a fit of bullfighting shame. But the other day, not even that.

He 8-2 from Bayern to Barça in Champions

And even though it's part of last season, Barça's humiliating defeat at the hands of Bayern in the Champions League quarter-finals can be put into this bag of ‘pandemic football’, to be carried out at an empty door. A defeat that shook the foundations of Barcelona and was about to cause the departure of Leo Messi. Luckily there were no fans in person ... their faces would have been a poem!!

With these wickers, it's easy to think that this season is going to be more uncertain and unpredictable than ever. And we can already intuit something of it with only a few days of championship: Betis that suffers a rapapolvo in Getafe and after three days is placed as provisional leader of the table, the Cádiz that makes the drive to win with 9 Athletic players in San Mamés ...

Definitely: although there are no fans and canned audio in the broadcasts, How beautiful this season is at the gates of the Champions League and with the next European Championship on the horizon!

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