Tati Valdes, the footballer who lost the toupee

Tati Valdes, the footballer who lost the toupee
Tati Valdés was a much-loved footballer who made history in Gijón. He also left the anecdote of the toupee. PHOTO: @realsportingdegijon

in another post, we told you who were some of calvos the most famous players in the history of football. In this article, We want to tell you a somewhat peculiar story, of those that we love. The Crisanto Valdés or better known as Tati Valdes, one of those brave soccer players with chest hair of yesteryear who played in the Sporting Gijon of the years 70.

Tati Valdes, a much-loved footballer in Gijón

In his playing days he was called "The Maquinona" and he was known for his free kicks made with absolute precision, their travel ball mainline, exceptionally executed that they enjoyed for more than a decade in the mill.

As well, He was known for his famous phrase: "He'll be the mud and cold", something that would scare more than one metrosexual footballer of today but was common in football hearth few decades ago. Daddy, It unfolded like a fish in water on the mud.

The anecdote of the toupee

But nevertheless, Tati became famous one 2 March 1975. Sporting received Real at El Molinón and our protagonist jumped onto the pitch sporting abundant hair ( as we can see in the photo we had a considerable alopecia) leaving all stunned and confused fans, wondering who was this guy with such hair. As you may have noticed, Tati jumped onto the field with a toupee. The match was broadcast for Spain.

In an attack of his team he jumped and topped with testa. What was the surprise of him and all the public to see that achieved its goal, but the hairpiece was thrown from his head, It prompting many jokes of the time and luckily social networks and the Internet were science fiction in those days.

I sure would have gotten a Trending Topic. Afortundamente, He was a man with humor and was not ashamed, he looked at other times. It was certainly a peculiar type.

let us in 2009

Regrettably, Tati Valdés passed away on 14 February 2009 due to a degenerative disease but it left us forever many evenings of good football, the before and this anecdote for the history of a complete midfielder and physically strong. One of the players who were at the origin of the Best Sporting history.

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