Victor Hugo Aristizábal, the scorer who could not succeed in Valencia

Víctor Hugo Aristizábal, el goleador que no pudo triunfar en Valencia
Aristizábal in a match with Valencia against Real Madrid in 1994 at the Santiago Bernbaéu. FOTO:

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Victor Hugo Aristizábal he is the top scorer in the history of Colombian football, however his experience in Europe, specifically in Spain and Valencia CF, It could not be more ephemeral and not very productive. There are good players that do not fit everywhere, This is the case of Aristizábal who did not manage to fit in in the few months that he stayed in the city of Turia and in the ranks of the group of Mestalla.

Victor Hugo Aristizábal, one of the best players in the history of Colombia

Upon arrival already it started badly, then it came exceptionally in March 1994 with the season ending and completely out of the dynamics of a team that also stood out for having a quality unusual it is that the Valencia team that time was a medium-low profile. Lower than medium.

this Colombian, born in 1971, came with the distinction of being one of the best South American strikers and one of the best in a country which at that time, in the months before Mundial de 1994, It was highly valued, especially after the spectacular 0-5 against Argentina in Buenos Aires.

Known as the “Scorpion” by scoring a goal in a very similar shot to the mythical stop “scorpion” of fellow, the eccentric goalkeeper Rene Higuita, Aristizabal, It came with a reputation “killer” the area that was far from demonstrating in just two months who played for Valencia.

The truth is that their baggage in Spain goes through a goal in a friendly and on top spot. He returned home and thrashed with your selection and played teams where there. Aristizábal es uno de los mejores jugadores de la historia de Colombia y es como hemos dicho antes, the top scorer in the history of Colombia but in Spain and the Spanish Liga, it remains one of the players who have gone through more pain than glory. You can not always fit in everywhere.

Aristizabal y Higuita, dos grandes del fútbol colombiano que fracasaron en la Liga española.
Aristizábal and Higuita, two Colombian football that failed in the Spanish League. FOTO: As

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