Who is the best ten story?

Who is the best ten story?
Skin, the king of football. PHOTO: Google

Who is the best ten story? This difficult question has endured throughout the ages. Historically, This dorsal always been reserved for the most talented players, for those who were touched by the magic wand, but with the arrival of the dorsal fixed any player, including defense he could look over his career.

Like in Hanged for football we are very smart, we develop our particular ranking. As the thing goes dieces, here are our top ten dieces, forgive the redundancy. The ranking order does not indicate who is the best and who the worst, is only one way to sort.

The best ten in the history of football


For many Pelé is the king of football, advanced to his time. What we find at this point on one of the men who changed the sport?. With 1284 goals throughout his career (not all official or recognized), 3 world, top scorer of the Brazilian team with 95 many, record for goals in a match of clubs 8 and more of 127 many in just one campaign. These are some of the majestic king of football figures, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, more popularly known as Pele.

the best ten ever
Pelé was one of those who made the number ten most iconic in his time. PHOTO: The country

2-Diego Armando Maradona

Another of the great tens of history is Diego Armando Maradona. The fuzz, It is the particular god of many people, even it has its own church. The best Argentine player in history for many, above Leo Messi, Ported number ten selection and Naples who won the League under his baton. One of the best players in the history of the sport, for some the unique and unrepeatable. A star that let us in 2020 to the 60 years and is already part of the legends of this sport.

the best ten ever
Maradona (1960-2020) is for many the best player in history. PHOTO: Ar.marca.com

3-Michel Platini

Before being a boss of the offices, It was one of the greatest players in the history of European football, the great Michele Platini, the great French medium reveled in the years 80 a whole generation of people to the point that many of them wore sunglasses image and likeness of "10 galo", great icon of the moment, that even allowed the luxury to take his own clothing line, "Number 10", much along the lines of this article. His subsequent career in law firms is already known.

Platini with ten Juventus back
Platini with ten Juventus back

4-Roberto Baggio

Roberto Baggio is one of the best European players in history and one of the best Italians to ever step on the green of a pitch. The Italian was always among the best. With his class and technical, I was able to do things on the field that many just would dream.

the best ten ever
Roberto Baggio among the best ten in history. PHOTO: As

5-Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane is one of the best players in the history of football. Any list of great players can never do without a Frenchman of Algerian origin who devoted the late twentieth and early twenty-first century as one of the biggest stars that ever stepped on a field. Casters, improbable turns, Technical pouring, magical passes, Stratospheric controls and excellent hitting the ball are some of the features of “divine bald”. Although for marketing reasons I carry the 5 Real Madrid, ten was his talisman number in the French selection.

Zidane 10 1
Zidane took ten of France to the top

6-Leo Messi

He has won all but a World Cup although he has played in four editions (2006, 2010, 2014 Y 2018). Several times Golden Ball had to wait to get the ten from Barcelona. A phenomenon of nature that has already passed into the history of football and is still active.

The best ten ever
Leo Messi is for obvious reasons one of the greats of this sport. PHOTO: Millennium


He was the best player in the world during the first decade of the century. Magical and talented as anyone, It was a spectacle watching him play. With ten to the back of Barcelona and of Carioca football team gave high-level exhibitions. Messi inherited his number in Barcelona. Unfortunately his adventures after leaving football have not been the most appropriate.

Ronaldinho and Messi Barcelona
Before Messi, the 10 from Barça it was Ronaldinho. PHOTO: Sports world

8-Teofilo Cubillas

Teofilo Cubillas he was an offensive midfielder of the years 70 and 80's that amazed the world with their excellent free kicks and managed to bring Peru to win the America's Cup 75 and play two World Cup quarter-end. With the number of elected, the ten, He showed all the quality that treasured in his boots.

Teofilo Cubillas
Teófilo Cubillas is possibly the best player in the history of Peru. PHOTO: NASL jersey


Brazilian Rivaldo is another ball wizards that led to the back ten. With a glove on his boots and a spectacular technical quality, Rivaldo said at Deportivo and Barcelona among others. With forty years he was playing football. A ten in its purest form left by one of the most beautiful Chilean goals in history.

the best tens in history
Rivaldo, a spectacularly talented player. PHOTO: Brand

10-Dennis Bergkamp

Talk about Bergkamp is talking about Vaseline, magic turns, cuts, great assistance,or impossible but mostly elegance goals. Without being a natural goalscorer, few players have treasured this kind of blond striker who just lowered his head from the front to tie the boot. All with the ten back.

Dennis Bergkamp Dutch with fear of flying
Dennis Bergkamp the Dutchman with fear of flying PHOTO: As


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