Will he win the Barcelona Champions League this season?

Will he win the Barcelona Champions League this season?
Is it really Barca favorite to win the Champions? PHOTO: fcbarcelonanoticias

FC Barcelona started the final phase of the Champions League, the knockout, maintaining its status as favorite to win the trophy. Many are those who think these days on options to achieve the blaugrana club and make forecasts. And to use these forecasts looking for an economic performance count on bonuses online casino licensed in Spain.

The next Tuesday 25 February Barcelona begins the second round at the San Paolo stadium, Home Napoli; and the 18 March will take place around the Camp Nou. In this round the team led by Messi comes after he was first in Group F. This is one of the first reasons to believe in the strength of Barca this season, because in the previous phase did not lose any game and that in his group were Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan.

Doubts about the possible performance of the Catalans could arrive on the environment that may be in your wardrobe. A few weeks ago there was a change on the bench with Ernesto Valverde's dismissal, coach during the groups, and the arrival of Quique Setien. The new coach is a bet on the possession game that has given such good results in this club, especially in times of Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola.

But a change of style always has to assimilate and have to see how they end up making players. There is time for him to assume; the question is whether it will come in time before a possible setback in these two-legged. On the other hand, lately have made visible tension between Messi and sporting director, ISric Abidal; which can thin the environment.

Another obstacle on the road are injuries that have occurred, especially in the front. With long-term absences of Luis Suarez Dembélé and the whole it loses some of the potential attacker. If these gaps can be supplemented rightly, despite the rush, Griezmann and exploit finishing with blue and scarlet shirt, options to win the 'orejona’ would rise as the foam. So could the lever to complete the performance of Leo Messi.

Because Argentina star remains a safe value. Leo Messi is a player who makes the difference and is respected by European rivals, also for the top teams that have reached the final phase of the Champions League. His contribution always note, either goals or passes and assists, and his hand can win the European Cup.

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