Football leagues with more red cards in Europe

Football leagues with more red cards in Europe
Northern European leagues have the most red cards per game.

Europe has the say are the best leagues in the world; the Spanish league, English Premier, Bundesliga, Italian Serie A and Ligue 1 French. But nevertheless, European continent has a rich and varied range of leagues without reaching the level of the first five, They have teams and interesting matches in their local tournaments. Reviewing data from all these tournaments and thanks to

The southern European countries have the highest number of red cards since the ranking is headed Romania, with 0,30 red cards per match, followed by Greece and France, with 0,29 in both cases. In Spain this figure drops to the 0,23 cards per game, according to data from research group CIS Football Observatory. Take a look at all data.

infographics: Football leagues in which more red cards are taken by party | Statista More statistics Statista

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