Can Spain be considered a favorite in the World Cup??

Can Spain be considered a favorite in the World Cup??

The most anticipated football event in 2022, the world Cup, will start in a month and you can see, For example, on the website, or through any other television source. We have come to analyze whether the Spanish team is among the favorites or not.

First of all, cabe señalar que la World Cup 2022 will take place from 21 November to 19 December in five Qatari cities. The participants were divided into eight groups of four teams.. The top two quartet national teams will advance to the playoffs. For the first time in history, the tournament will be held in autumn and winter, due to weather conditions in the host country.

The Spanish team is in Group E, together with germany, Costa Rica and Japan. They are Spain and Germany., according to forecasts, who will face each other for the first and second place in the group to get an easier rival in the playoffs. Spain will start their tournament on 23 November with a match against Costa Rica, he 27 against Germany and the 1 December against Japan. Más adelante, there will be a playoff round, of course, if no feeling happens, we know that lately one or two sensations happen quite frequently in the World Championship.

After all the World Cup participants were decided, analysts updated quotes for the championship winner. Bets on the final victory of the Brazilians, who became five times the strongest in the world, are accepted with a coefficient of 5.50. Next on the list are the current champions, los franceses. An indicator is provided 6.50 for your success. The 3rd-4th place in the standings was shared by the teams from England and Spain – quotation 8.50. You can bet on the victory of the Argentines with an index of 9.50. And for the Germans – 11.00.

Because Brazil is the main favorite? All because the line of attack, its variability instills fear in any opponent, Neymar, Gabi Jesus, Vinícius, Rodrigo, Firmino, Antony – an incomplete list of the Brazilian attack that can play in the World Cup and put on a show, and crush any adversary.

As for the Spanish team, although it is among the main favorites, the game played by Luis Enrique's players usually raises many questions and criticism, although Spain should not be dismissed, como siempre, possession of the ball will be one of the main characteristics of the current Spanish team, although unlike the Brazilian team, or the same France with offensive line, it is not yet clear who will play in attack, if there will be a striker or if he will play with a false nine. The players who will go are not yet known, it is clear that everything will be cleared up before the start of the tournament, when will the list of players who will go to the World Cup be announced, then it will be possible to predict something.


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