Terry Butcher, the man who sweated blood

Terry Butcher, the man who sweated blood
Terry Butcher, the man who sweated blood on his shirt.

Who is Terry Butcher?, What did this man highlighted in football? Surely this question, I will do many of the readers who are now reading this article. At first, this rude english defender of 1,93 curiously born in Singapore 28 from December to 1958, It does not seem one of those players who made history in this sport despite playing 77 matches with England. As well, Terry Butcher became famous because he played an entire game bloodied a fact that will not be repeated more than anything because it is forbidden to play well today.

Terry Butcher, the man who literally sweated blood

The fact, It took a late-night 1989, in a match against Sweden qualifier World Italy 90. Englishmen, visitors acted and played as they say, To dog face, qualifying for the finals. Butcher whose name means “Butcher”, He collided with the Swede Ekstrom shortly after the start of the game, which caused him a gap of spectacular dimensions.

Juice and practically the whole game Terry Butcher 1989.
Juice and practically the whole game Terry Butcher 1989. PHOTO: The Sun

Currently no would leave play with that much blood on

In our time, with logical precautionary health measures, they had made out the field, he had been stapled, they would not have let him in the field to stop the bleeding and of course, he had been forced to change shirt.

As well, in 1989, football was something else and the players of sterner stuff, the world was otherwise. Terry Butcher, bloodied from head to boots, played the 90 minutes on an image that was for posterity.

The burly, stout defense, blood was left for his country, just playing with a bandage on his head and using his head to get the balls that were appropriate. England goalless draw and got the pass to Italy 90 but the memory of that day, It was totally photo red shirt of a warrior who sweated blood to defend a shield. Definitely, a history of soccer before.

Terry Butcher full of blood on 1989
So Terry Butcher finished that game against Sweden 1989. PHOTO: The Sun


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