¿Torres and Iniesta together next season?

¿Torres e Iniesta juntos la próxima temporada?
Fernando Torres and Andrés Iniesta in their stage in the National Team (Foto: Atlas)

Last update 7 May, 2018 por Javi Argudo

Are two historic Spanish football have already announced that they will continue wearing the colors of their teams lifelong. Fernando Torres will leave Atletico Madrid at the end of the season, Andrés Iniesta as already announced, in a very emotional press conference, that will not continue at FC Barcelona.

Offers not going to miss either. In fact, it seems obvious that Iniesta will leave to play in the Chinese Super League and signed a big contract 3 o 4 años. But not only charge a succulent figure by the fact play football if not the idea of ​​football is to expand the family business, Iniesta Wineries, by the Asian giant.

In the last hours, Japanese daily Hochi Shimbun talks about an offer from Sagan Tosu, Chinese team, that would be about 4 million euros per season to count in their ranks Fernando Torres. Sin duda, It would be nice to bring together two players who have made history in our league and national team in the same league, albeit in different clubs.

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