Five stories and anecdotes of the European Day

Cinco historias y anécdotas de la jornada europea

Last update 9 February, 2014 by Julio Muñoz

The main European leagues continue their course through the month of February and they do so by beginning to define who are the teams with the most possibilities to lift the title in each country. England and Spain seem to be the most open leagues. In Germany and Italy, the thing seems to be clearer.

1- Chelsea, new leader. Mourinho's team is the new leader of the Premier after taking advantage of the puncture of his most immediate followers. The blues won 3-0 Newcastle with a hat-trick from Éden Hazard, the real star of the day with Arsène Wenger. With the French technician, because the Frenchman suffered a hard stumble (also at the airport as we see on the cover) on your visit to Liverpool. 5-1 ante los “reds” with a great Sturridge and a good Luis Suárez that leaves the Gunners second to a point. Manchester City did not go from a draw against Norwich to 0 and United left two points at the last minute against Fulham that complicate their access to Europe.

Hazard marcó un hat-trick ante el Newcastle.
Hazard scored a hat-trick against Newcastle.

2- El Bavaria, When will it be crowned? That Bayern Munich will win the Bundesliga is clear. The question is when. This weekend he beat Nuremberg 0-2 It is 13 points with Leverkusen, who also won 1-5 to the Moenchengladsbach. 17 are the points that take out another enemy, el Dortmund, who was also victorious in their clash against Bremen.

3- Juventus, all equal. Juve could not go from a draw to 2 at Hellas Verona's home despite Tevez's double. However, AS Roma's stumble against Lazio allows them to retain a nine-point lead with one game, yes indeed, further. The Naples, with another double from Higuaín he won 3-1 to an AC Milan, where Balotelli came out crying, It is not yet known if because of the racist screams that occurred during the game or because of a complicated week personally.

Balotelli acabó el partido abatido. ¿El motivo?
Balotelli finished the game dejected. The reason?

4- The Barcelona, leader. FC Barcelona regained the leadership by beating Sevilla at home for 1-4 (two from Messi) and take advantage of Atlético's defeat at Almeria's home for 2-0. Results that lead to a triple tie at the head, after Real Madrid beat Villarreal at home 4-2, breaking that yes, his unbeaten record at home. Valencia won 5-0 to Betis.

5- And we end up in France, where the big game of the day was played by Monaco and PSG that ended with a tie at 1, result that serves for the Parisians to maintain their income of five points over the Monegasques.

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