Five stories and anecdotes of the European Day

Last update 9 September, 2022 by Alberto Llopis

Our weekly summary for each Sunday brings us the victories of the main leaders of the most powerful leagues in Europe and some exciting clashes in the English FA Cup. Also, an unfortunate incident in the Madrigal and the appearance of a boy who is going to make a lot of noise in Germany.

1- Los líderes, mercilessly. Barcelona managed one more day to hold on to the leadership by scoring 6-0 to Rayo Vallecano in what meant a new double for Messi and the reappearance of Neymar, that sparked doubts about his condition with a spectacular goal from outside the area. El Real Madrid venció 0-3 to Getafe with a new goal from Jesé. Same result but as a local Atlético managed to beat Valladolid with goals from Raúl García, Diego Costa and Godin. The picture of the day however, wine from the Villarreal field. in the madrigal, a spontaneous fired a tear gas canister that forced the spectators and players to leave the stadium. By the way, Athletic Bilbao lost its unbeaten in San Mamés at the hands of Espanyol, that won 1-2.

2- Chelsea and Liverpool, caen. In England there was no Premier and there was FA Cup, where the highlight is that Chelsea fell on their visit to the Manchester City field due to 2-0. Liverpool was also out, that lost 2-1 on his visit to the Emirates. Arsenal, City and Everton are the big favorites to win the title.

3- El Bavaria, question of days. Definitely, the most unequal league is the german one. El Bayern de Múnich, who added a new win (4-0 to Freiburg) meets with 16 points ahead of Bayern Leverkusen and it seems little more than impossible that someone could hunt him down. Leverkusen fell 1-2 against Schalke 04 in a meeting where the contribution of Huntelaar and León Goretzka stood out, a boy from 19 years to which many already compare with “Raúl”.

4- Juventus, as usual. Something similar happens in Italy, where Juve is the authoritative leader after their victory against Chievo. Meeting where Fernando Llorente scored the tenth goal of the season in Serie A. The Naples (with alternate queen) won 0-2 to Sassuolo and AC Milan 1-0 against Bologna with a spectacular goal from Balotelli.

5- And we finished with France, where PSG maintains its five rental points on Valenciennes by thrashing it by 3-0. Monaco got rid of Bastia for 0-2.

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