The biggest win in the history of the League

The biggest win in the history of the League

In the nearly 85 year history of the league has been a constant that great teams to smaller Goleen. Especially, This has been magnified in recent years where the differences between Real Madrid and Barcelona and other teams have enlarged encouraging that virtually every league game is a win scenario.

But nevertheless, What many do not know is that the big win in league history not made a “great” but ironies of life, are they endorsed him. He went to Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao was the one 8 February 1931 Sam Mames got to get a 12-1 before the Catalans. Unthinkable in modern times, English led by Pentland, the “lions” They conquered quite a difficult feat to see in modern times.

It was a strange game where Bata scored seven goals (career-high-tying time later Kubala) and where the Catalan defense could do more as the chronicles in up to nine goals. Neither they azulgranas Llorens nor those defenses had their best day but for them is that the Catalan team was left with 10 in the minute 11 by injury Marti, which he collided with a pole and had to leave the game, but yes, Athletic previously and had already scored two goals.

San Mamés marker was manual at that time.
San Mamés marker was manual at that time.

It was the first game of the second round, at a time where the grandstand cost ten pesetas and overall standing, 2,5. Other times doubt that allowed see so far is the big win League.

other thrashings

There is no doubt that this was the biggest win ever seen in the national championship but there have been other noteworthy. Most got home the Barcelona three years ago at the home of Almeria (0-8). Real Madrid fell in his day 8-1 against Espanyol, although However, He was able to beat Elche at home 11-2.

Curiosities of life, no one has ever gotten in the league scored more than five goals against Villarreal, Burgos, Cádiz and Salamanca. Then, Mortice leave the biggest thrashings by each team in the league:

Images of that mythical 12-1.
Images of that mythical 12-1.

Alaves: 29/01/1933, Racing 9-0 Alaves
Albacete: 12/05/1996, Real society 8-1 Albacete
Alcoyano: 01/04/1951, Athkbhilbo 8-1 Alcoyano
Almería: 21/11/2010, Almeria 0-8 Barcelona
Arenas Getxo: 04/02/1934, Athkbhilbo 9-0 Arenas Getxo
Athkbhilbo: 03/02/2001, Barcelona 7-0 Athkbhilbo
At.Madrid: 05/12/1954, Celtic vigo 8-1 At.Madrid
At.Tetuán: 02/03/1952, At.Madrid 8-0 At.Tetuán
Barcelona: 08/02/1931, Athkbhilbo 12-1 Barcelona
Betis: 31/12/1967, Athkbhilbo 8-0 Betis
Burgos: 21/03/1993, Sports 5-0 Burgos
Cádiz: 17/01/1993, Valencia 5-0 Cádiz
Castellón: 16/11/1941, Real Madrid 9-1 Castellón
Celtic vigo: 11/01/1942, Athkbhilbo 10-0 Celtic vigo
Compostela: 01/09/1996, Tenerife 6-0 Compostela
Condal: 09/09/1956, Real Madrid 6-0 Condal
Córdoba: 13/01/1963, Valladolid 6-0 Córdoba
Cultural L.: 20/11/1955, At.Madrid 6-1 Cultural L.
Sports: 05/02/1956, Sports 0-7 Barcelona
Elche: 07/02/1960, Real Madrid 11-2 Elche
Espanyol: 17/02/1929, Athkbhilbo 9-0 Espanyol
Europe: 19/01/1930, Racing 6-0 Europe
Estremadura: 10/01/1999, At.Madrid 5-0 Estremadura
Getafe: 01/05/2005, Villarreal 4-0 Getafe
Gimnastic: 04/12/1949, Sevilla 9-0 Gimnastic
Granada: 10/05/1975, Valencia 7-1 Granada
Hercules: 11/09/1955, At.Madrid 9-0 Hercules
Jaén: 21/10/1956, Real Madrid 7-1 Jaén
Las Palmas: 04/01/1959, Real Madrid 10-1 Las Palmas
Levante: 19/08/2013, Barcelona 7-0 Levante
Logroñés: 20/10/1996, Barcelona 8-0 Logroñés
Lleida: 19/11/1950, Athkbhilbo 10-0 Lleida
Málaga: 10/02/1963, Málaga 0-7 Barcelona
Mallorca: 07/02/1988, At.Madrid 7-0 Mallorca
Merida: 21/12/1997, Athkbhilbo 5-1 Merida
Murcia: 04/10/1964, Barcelona 8-1 Murcia
Numancia: 15/03/2009, Racing 5-0 Numancia
Osasuna: 05/10/1958, Real Madrid 8-0 Osasuna
Oviedo: 28/09/1941, Sevilla 10-0 Oviedo
Pontevedra: 07/04/1968, Las Palmas 5-0 Pontevedra
Real society: 16/09/1967, Real Madrid 9-1 Real society
Racing: 01/04/1962, Barcelona 8-0 Racing
Vallecano Ray: 14/01/1979, Barcelona 9-0 Vallecano Ray
Real Madrid: 05/03/1930, Espanyol 8-1 Real Madrid
Real Union: 13/03/1932, Arenas Getxo 5-0 Real Union
Recreativo: 09/03/2008, Mallorca 7-1 Recreativo
Sabadell: 28/09/1947, At.Madrid 8-0 Sabadell
Salamanca: 27/09/1998, Villarreal 5-0 Salamanca
Sevilla: 05/04/1959, Real Madrid 8-0 Sevilla
Sporting: 28/12/1958, Athkbhilbo 9-0 Sporting
Tenerife: 02/02/2002, Tenerife 0-6 Barcelona
Valencia: 20/03/1955, Alaves 7-0 Valencia
Valladolid: 10/02/2008, Real Madrid 7-0 Valladolid
Villarreal: 02/09/2007, Villarreal 0-5 Real Madrid
Zaragoza: 23/09/1951, Athkbhilbo 10-1 Zaragoza

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