April 14, 2021
camisetas de futbol

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Julio Muñoz

Journalist, specialist in international football and retro. I write in Colgadosporelfutbol.com and you can follow me at @ juliomv1982



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    I remember a fragment of Barthes, in the pleasure of the text, very timely:

    “Isn't the most erotic place in a body there where the clothing opens? In perversion (what is the textual pleasure regime) there are no "erogenous zones" (expression on the other hand quite inopportune); is the intermittence, as psychoanalysis has well said, the one that is erotic: that of the skin that sparkles between two pieces (the pants and the pullover), between two edges (the shirt on http://www.espncamisetas.com/ ajar, glove and sleeve) ; it is that sparkle that seduces, or better: the staging of an appearance-disappearance.”

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    Football shirts

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