Konami reveals the real names of the first ISS

Konami reveals the real names of the first ISS
Konami revealed who the real names of the ISS, videogame 90. PHOTO: ISS Capture

Konami revealed the real names of the ISS, International Superstar Soccer and father of PRO that all the world, gamer knows football, including the millennials today. The game that came to mark the USA World Cup 94, He counted on the issue of licenses with fictitious names of players out there. Through its own subsidiary in Brazil, on the social network Twitter, the Japanese company, revealed the secret that all 'jugones’ of the time knew, or perhaps because there are no surprises.

Legend Allejo, the player who was better than Pele

Surely if you played this wonder half the 90, which he was active until 2003 con International Superstar Soccer 3 e International Superstar Soccer Advance, you elegies to Brazil to have services Alley, the player who as the game itself, It was better than Pele. Well you'll be surprised because it was actually Bebeto, then player Deportivo Coruna. The player himself put it in his official account on Twitter.

real names of the ISS
Allejo was actually Bebeto. PHOTO: ISS Capture

Legend Allejo Brazil came to the point where he was appointed “Brazil's best ever video game”. Now jump the surprise, something that Bebeto itself is how could it be otherwise, very proud.

Maradona, Figo, Maldini, Batistuta, Romario and other stars of the era

The big stars of the era had their real name as was logical. A) Yes, Gomez was Romario, Fontana was Raí, the brother of Socrates, Peace was the very Figo Portugal, Round nothing more and nothing less than Maradona, Premoli was Paolo Maldini and Friedini was the great Alex Del Piero among other names. Murillo as it could not be otherwise was Carlos Valderrama, although the game and made it clear that it was him.

And the Spanish players, who was who? the actual names on the ISS

According to the newspaper the Republicthese were actually fictitious names on the ISS


Spain real names on the ISS
These were the real names on the ISS of the Spanish players. PHOTO: the Republic


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