Portugal defends title

Portugal defiende título
Portugal defends its throne in the European Championship.

Last update 21 May, 2021 por Alberto Llopis

The Portuguese will arrive as the last champions at the European Championship, a tournament where France, Países Bajos, Inglaterra, Italia, Germany or Spain will try to snatch the throne of great winners.

Football focuses its gaze on the next European Championship 2021, to which Portugal arrives as the last winner, in the edition of 2016 in which he gave the surprise in the final against France, host of that tournament. Por lo tanto, part as the rival to beat in an international competition that appears to be very even and has a multitude of candidates.

Y es que, consulting the odds to bet on the European Championship, it is clear that this Euro is going to be different, Well, there are endless possibilities of champion teams and not just a bunch of two or three., as is normal. A 19 de mayo de 2021, the great favorite was France, followed by England and Belgium, to later appear another second group of applicants like Spain itself, Países Bajos, Germany, Italy from Portugal.

Scary favorites

The gala selection, as current world champion, arrives with part of the work already done and from Russia 2018 just had to change. Además, Didier Deschamps has included Karim Benzema's return weapon to be in the European Championship, that would form an incomparable trident at an offensive level in their forward line together with Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann.

The British always believe that they arrive with a new generation and can win it, but in the end they are usually part of the great disappointments of a championship in which they still do not know what it is to win. Eso sí, this time with people like Mason Mount, Phil Foden, Harry Kane o Harry Maguire, It seems that they will finally have an option to win the European Championship.

Y por último, a Belgium appears in the group of favorites that could be facing their last great opportunity. After his good World Cup in Russia 2018, this would be the last bullet for the Kevin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard and company, that they will try to make history and raise what in their case would also be their first cup of these characteristics.

experience is a degree

A partir de ahí, by history and teams with youth and hunger, Spain and Germany are positioned as two very important teams to take into account, since nobody can let go of the fact that they are the top winners of the tournament, with three wounds each. Italy is also put in that sack, although it is true that it only has one Euro on its shelves, by having four World Cups his credit, they give you that necessary experience to storm the European throne.

You are already, except for a big surprise, you just have to add the Portuguese as candidates to take the crown this summer, current winners and therefore, team to beat, and to the Netherlands, whose young and contrasted generation gives him real options of at least reaching the semifinals and from there see what his path is.

En definitiva, the Eurocup 2021 arrives with the maximum possible emotion, with a staggering number of contenders for a title that could put France on par with Spain and Germany, extend the power of these two or suppose the premiere of countries like Belgium or England.

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