Who has the best quarry, Real Madrid about FC Barcelona?

¿Quién tiene mejor cantera, Real Madrid o FC Barcelona?
Who has the best quarry? Barcelona o Madrid PHOTOS: Pixabay

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Answer the question about who has the best quarry, if he Real Madrid one he Barcelona it doesn't seem easy. Nobody can doubt that a large part of the attention of Spanish football is directed towards two very specific teams.: Real Madrid y FC Barcelona. by trajectory, These two clubs have forged a rivalry that goes beyond the competitive. Comparisons between the two occur in different aspects, although lately the issue of the quarry has become the great object of debate.

Many fans always ask themselves a very clear question: Who has the best quarry, el Madrid one he Barça? Well then, the answer is so complex to find, that today it is very difficult to agree.

Who owns and manages their quarry best?? ¿Real Madrid about Barcelona? Two opposing models

Barcelona forms for the first team

It is true that when it comes to talking about how meringues or culés work on their base categories, It is more than evident that there are two very different models..

He FC Barcelona opts more for the training of a footballer deeply rooted in a certain way of playing, which is always in accordance with the philosophy and style that has been spread from the first team for decades..

The Barça youth player is a very defined player who knows perfectly the automatisms of a certain way of playing football., which makes his adaptation and performance in the first team much faster than that of any other teammate who has not spent a long time The farmhouse.

This circumstance is what has allowed the Barça rearm, when they came badly, with young players like Bucket, Gavi, Yamal and company, that have now become very important pieces in the scheme of Xavi Hernández.

quién tiene mejor cantera, Barcelona o Madrid
Marc Guiu (17) is the latest talent to emerge from La Masía. Join the Lamine Yamal (16), Fermin (20), Bucket (19) y Received (19). The latest La Masía talents who have reached the first team. FOTO: @FC Barcelona

Real Madrid nourishes all LaLiga teams but does not give them opportunities in its first team

Por el contrario, en el Real Madrid We are seeing how it is very difficult for the youngest kids to take that definitive leap and enter the plans of Ancelotti. But this does not mean that the entity chaired by Florentino Perez do not enjoy a firm and solid quarry.

just a year ago, in october 2022, There was a study of Football Observatory (CIES) which reflected that the Madrid It was the club with the largest number of youth players playing in the 5 European Major Leagues (Germany, España, Inglaterra, Italy and France). Specifically they were 43 the footballers who practiced their profession in these competitions, 5 more than him Barça, which occupied the second position.

Por tanto, It can be said that the Madrid youth academy is also really prolific., although it trains a footballer with a not so closed profile and who perhaps becomes a much more powerful economic asset for the club..

Based on this, I invite you to draw your own conclusions and answer the question posed at the beginning of this article..

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