The best players in the history of Levante

The best players in the history of Levante
Some of the best players in the history of Levante

Who are the best players in the history of Levante UD? In Colgados we want to bring the best players of this club born in Valencia ago over 110 years. A club that spent more time desired by the catacombs of Spanish football and has suffered many hardships that said they were forged on the anvil of adversity, but in the second decade of the twenty-first century it has found stability in the elite. The only title to date Levante, is the Spain Cup Free 1937, title that the RFEF will not recognize.

The best players ever Levante

José Morales

What are we going to tell the Commander no longer know?, top scorer in First Levante, most capped player in the first and granota and one of the best players of the tournament today. There are few who have already asked for selection. Without hesitation, one of the best players ever Levante, but the best for performance.

best players ever Levante
by performance, numbers, charisma and importance. José Luis Morales is the best player in the history of the Levant . PHOTO: Twitter/ @LaLiga

Antonio Calpe

He played in Third, Second and First. Linchpin in the first ascent of the history of Levante, It was one of the best plants in the time. Real Madrid went to where was crowned European champion. Then he returned to the club that militated at that time in the catacombs of football, far from where he left off. He had no qualms about going down to mud and give everything for the club.

Sergio Ballesteros

What we can tell a Levantine captain? He played in two different stages in the Levant. He debuted in 1994 and in 1996, Juup Heycknes by then coach of CD Tenerife, He fell in love with his play in a round of Copa del Rey. While the signing was instantaneous. For the second leg the player was already the Tenerife.

After an extensive career in Primera returned when the club was about to be liquidated. Nobody gave a cent for him and seemed returning home to retire. Nothing is further from reality. In the five seasons that remained after his return, Sergio Martinez Ballesteros lived some of the best moments of his career wearing the bracelet the club he loves Europe for the first time in history.

Leaving the club marred by a controversy with some alleged amaños bad taste left but the fans will always keep the memory of him as the best captain in the history of Levante. One of the best players ever Levante.

Sergio Ballesteros among the best players in the history of the Levant
Ballesteros struggling with Cristiano Ronaldo in the Levante-Real Madrid 2012-13. PHOTO: BRAND

Vicente Latorre

Vicente Latorre is one of those unsung heroes to the world in general but not for yours. He was captain of the Levant in 80. He climbed from third to second B and Second Division but never had the luck to enjoy in the First Division with granota shirt.

Player spectacular quality, He gave everything by the shield of his heart. It was present in Levante Johan Cruyff although that did not end well. It was the best player Levante at the time and helped to keep alive a club for those decades was the razor's edge.

Ernesto Dominguez

He is the author of the Levante's first goal in First Division. Interior or end of his time was international militating in the Levant. Hugely talented player always kept in a corner of his heart, to the point of being present in the granotas other promotions to First Division.

Alberto Rivera

Alberto Rivera was the leader Levante hand Manolo Preciado died in the First ascended to 2004, the first ascent that saw the vast majority of fans included granotas who writes.

With her long blonde hair and curly, Riverita, He gave lessons authentic football. He scored one of two goals that gave rise to the granotas against Xerez. It is the first icon of the younger generations of levantinistas and remembered by all fans. Undoubtedly one of the best players in the history of the Levant.

Juanfran Garcia

We said before Ballesteros and Juanfran had a lot in common. They are of the same promotion, the quarry granota, The two returned after many years in First and led the club he loves Europe. Every heart and courage, was the captain of the Levant until his retirement in 2016, wrapped in tears in Vallecas and with 40 years, and the crowd standing almost breaking hands cheering at the Barona. He played and played World 2002.

Ballesteros and Juanfran in a match against Espanyol. PHOTO: As

Inaki Descarga

The story was unfair to Inaki Descarga. For eight seasons Basque left until the last drop of blood for the Levant, once even almost life. forceful and full delivery Player, He was about to kill himself in Getafe saving a goal for his team. A few years earlier in an impossible clearance cleared a goal that shouted, seriously jeopardizing its integrity.

First captain and Second always gave everything for the shield Levante, both looked like a youth player. But Ballesteros, his involvement in a case of betting ended his image and the hearts of fans. Two hard blows but definitely one of the best, because except for that clean slate always he gave everything he had.

Aruna Koné

It was only a season but broke all records scorers club at least until that time. So he could not play the final and decisive matches of the club by a strange clause in his contract assignment.

Much of that EuroLevante of 2012 its yours. After he was released from Seville and signed with the Levant to get pierced leaving a valuable money in the coffers levantinistas. but he did not need to granota picture showed his gratitude for having returned to its best. Before arriving at Levante he was ousted and nobody believed in him.

Paco Salillas

Two and a half seasons in the Levant, promotion , one Pichichi Second and almost 100 granota goals with the shirt. indefatigable goalscorer, It was a cazagoles that dug from any point or position. The crowd enjoyed the goals of this killer the area from 1999 until 2001 until being the top scorer decision came by Pedro Villarroel, infausto character in the history granota. One of the best strikers has worn the elastic granota despite not playing in First.

Vicente Iborra

Defenestrado by some for the first time flat lawn Ciutat, He featured a legion of fans who did not like his game and then sighed for his return .Vital for all coaches, in his time at Sevilla he showed what he had done in the Levant, be one of the best midfielders in Spain.

Vicente Iborra among the best players in the history of the Levant
Vicente Iborra was for a time one of the exponents of the Orgull Granota. PHOTO: As

Felix Ettien

He played from 1997 a 2008. His mythical torn off their feet at the Ciutat de Valencia. Felix Ettien It was not a virtuoso with the ball, but it was pure power, a true high-speed train flying from the side and that sometimes lacked field.

Jefferson Lerma

He arrived in the summer of 2015 without making much noise, with scarcely 20 years and left in 2018 full international by Colombia, World Cup in Russia 2018 and being the most expensive transfer in history by the club Levante when granota, it sold for 30 million euros to Bournemouth. Outside series that stayed in the Valencia club suffered the only decline in recent 10 years.

the best players in the history of the Levant
Jefferson Lerma as captain, putting things clear to Luis Suarez in the 5-4 against Barcelona in 2018. PHOTO: Brand

Carlos Caszely

It was a star of the time when he arrived in the Levant signing almost humorous film to the style of Paco Martínez Soria. He played in Second and Third, He thrashed and departed transferred to First. It was World Cup with Chile being player of the Levant and first player to see a red card in a World.

Keylor Navas

The “Hawk” Navas was the best goalkeeper in the league 2013-14 being Levante player and one of the best goalkeepers in the World Cup in Brazil 2014 also as granota. This made the Real Madrid pay his clause and the goalkeeper out of the Real Madrid team in the 3 followed Champions who won the Madrid team 2016, 2017 Y 2018.

Keylor Navas in the stage in Levante. . Photo:


He scored a lot of goals in the historic Levante, on the rise 2010, European first, the last in the league in San Mames. A player who came to Valencia 2009 almost bounce and went in 2013 as one of the best players who have worn the Barca Levantine.

José Campaña

Magic, Pour football talent and for “24” frog. The baton of the Levant from 2016 when he arrived from the Alcorcón in Segunda where he was on loan from Sampdoria after a few years when his career seemed stalled. Since his return to the elite, He has shown its magic to the point of becoming considered to play in the Spanish selection.

the best players in the history of the Levant
José Campaña. the magic of the Levant. PHOTO: OK Diary

Other top players in the history of the Levant

Fernando Sales: from the right, from the left, It was a show end

Serafín: the scorer of the 60's. He was the scorer of the Levante first ascended to the top flight.

Gaspar Rubio: the magician was the first star. One of the best when football began in the early twentieth century.

Juan Puig: Juanito, the “Trencatobillos”. The first big icon Levante. An extraordinary defense, forceful and exalted the brand. He made his debut with the team in 1918 and he retired in 1944 leaving more than 26 seasons in a much tougher and amateur that time the now.

Ruben Suarez: lack of goals from all invoices and beauty. Promotion and media Europa League goals came from their vital. Four seasons at a high level as Levantine.

Felipe Caicedo: Ecuador signed a sensational season 13 goals and is the most expensive transfer by Levante. Russian football pass to his left 8 million euros in the coffers granotas gourmands percentages in the future handover. It was a sweet deal.

The club also played world-class players like Johan Cruyff Y Pedja Mijatovic but neither she passed into history. But their presence in such a modest club is noteworthy.

Mijatovic's shirt Levante. PHOTO: AS.COM

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  2. I wanted to open a small parenthesis on Cruyff, I always thought that sank economically Levante but I learned over time that was a gentleman, it was deceived without charge. With the backing of the grounds of the Club de Tenis, who gave Levante and did not execute. Definitely a great person and player who has gone through our LEVANTE. Certainly a lot of encouragement to players. They can leave the pit, category has plenty to do. You have to believe and give everything.

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