We are all players of Racing Santander

We are all players of Racing Santander

Valga to say that there are eleven, but representing a template, to a club, to a city and to the millions of people who work every day and do not charge. They are athlets, football players, but could be plumbers, bricklayers or employees of any factory. They are the players of Racing Santander, protagonists sad that Spain has been in the news around the world and back to bad. The reason already know plenty: a continuous unpaid salary and a president who promises but does not fulfill.

As a football fan I am ashamed what happened, as a Spanish citizen, disgust. Of course, not to blame players. They have more than fulfilled. They are leaders in their second group B and have reached the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey by eliminating some other First. The problem is that thousands of people. They have a president who as a person deserves very little.

In office since May 2012, ÁngelHarry” Lavin is one of those people who does not leave anyone indifferent. Far from passing to insult (maybe it is what deserves a guy like), Suffice it to say that in your cover letter get a fixed salary figure on his arrival at the club (something unprecedented in the history of the Cantabrian club) or even having stolen his father in his own business, Balaclava by. Even his poor sister escaped unhurt from the wanderings of this entrepreneur hospitality.

Lavin prefaced his selfishness to common sense.
Lavin prefaced his selfishness to common sense.

However, beyond this man, the camp of players Racing raises a speech that looks beyond. Knowing your resume how could this man get there. What kind of controls has the LFP to require a person to be president of his club? How can a city permit, institutions or own Royal Federation Lavin is representing and giving the image of thousands of fans of an important and historic club like Racing?

In any managerial position in any moderately large and reputable company it takes an executive behind a series of merits. Here, It seems not. I will say that Racing is a public limited company and its controlling shareholders decide who should occupy the presidential seat because it is they who put money. lie, do not fall into the error.
Nobody invests in soccer, but it is at the expense of multiply your winnings. There are no fools and nobody gives hard four pesetas say the old place. Of course, Lavin does not defend, but the problem is that demonstrated in Santander, it is found that what really fault is the system of football in general.

Lavin as many presidents in First, in Second and Second B, where possibly the pirates are escabullidos in darkness that provides the remote and control media. However, for it must act the LFP and the RFEF. The LFP and AFE (it already does) They must ensure that all players charged and are aware of their wages, and especially the Second Division B, because they are the most needy. Not worth that professional football only defends the First and Second and pass the bronze category. Not because it leads nowhere.

Without the modest football has no place, because in the end who insist much richer, never a competition would be able to perform three or four teams, but two. It should immediately correct imbalances, limiting wages, redistribute money from television and monitor managers.

I understand they must have some minimum requirements to be president. A minimum number of years of membership in the club, Managers experience and perhaps charges, to an official qualification. Enough of cases like Lavin, if you want to be professional, it must be in all aspects is at stake because the prestige of Spanish football and the whole country.

We do not know what will happen Racing. Barcelona already had its refusal to play in the Cup Year 2000 and despite being banned one year, fizzled after the pardon of Villar also it allowed the Catalans win the edition that should be sanctioned. Presumably, the Cantabrian box will also be forgiven, There are abundant reasons for them.

In the year 2000, Barcelona suffered the consequences of this.
In the year 2000, Barcelona suffered the consequences of this.

However, something must be done with the club and Lavin. piterman, el indio Ahsan Ali Syed o “Harry” They have left the club's image in the air, such as that given Agapito Zaragoza, Soler of Valencia and so many other. Personally and among so many words one last question: how can perpetuate someone in power when it is clear that the 99% He does not want. Where they are the personal dignity, honesty, the good of all or social peace? No sé, I fear that these people are of sterner stuff. Dough never wants to be.

The Indian who came to save Racing.
Syed Ali Ahsan Indian who came to save the Racing disaster and sank more.

Julio Muñoz

Journalist, specialist in international football and retro. I write in Colgadosporelfutbol.com and you can follow me at @ juliomv1982
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