Twente 0 Levante 0: Granota fondle qualifying for the next round

Last update 16 November, 2012 por Alberto Llopis

JIM's team was looking for the third victory in the Europa League against the leader of the Dutch Eurodivise, the Twente. The granotas arrived with the possibility of achieving the mathematical classification against a team, the Dutchman who arrived hurt by the win received just two weeks ago at the Ciutat de Valencia.

The granotas, that each passing day is less a revelation and more a reality, They presented several novelties in their starting eleven to which they usually act in the domestic competition. Only Crossbowmen,Pedro Rios, Diop and Iborra repeated in the starting eleven with respect to the match in Seville. The rest, the so-called granota second unit, had the mission of defending the ballot for Europe.

The tonic of the first minutes was the same as always, Twente had possession and Levante, well positioned in the field, handled without much trouble. In the passing of minutes, Levante was going to be very comfortable on the pitch of the Dutch stadium. The team led by Steve McLaren was going to be used excessively harshly during the first 45 minutos, with a scandalous reiteration and with a very benevolent arbitration. Up to four clear warning faults the referee was going to eat.

Twente Levante imagenesThe Twente missed a resounding opportunity, with a shot almost on the line that was going to stop Keylor Navas. That was going to be the only occasion that Twente was going to play in the first 45 minutos, but the reality is that the rest of the match was going to play what JIM's team wanted, that he was going to give the ball to the Dutch and was going to generate several counters. In one of these, at the end of the first part, Levante was going to be about to score, when Douglas, Twente defense was about to score on his own goal.

The second half began with Hannover's victory in the other group match, what made a possible granota goal, mathematically classified them for the round of 32 and by extension eliminated the leader of the Dutch League.

In minute ten of the resumption, Keylor Navas was going to stop a shot from Rosales, to avoid the goal of Twente. The tone was the same, Twente handled the ball but crashed again and again against the well-positioned granota defense.

Twente pressed and overturned the Levante goal, but the mettle of the defense led by Ballesteros held up well to the Dutch attacks, waiting to catch a counter that will kill the Dutch team.

The home referee where there are, after forgiving several clear cards to Twente, I was going to get the first warning in the minute 62 and it was going to be for the granota Michel, to move a ball. En el 67, Twente was going to miss another very clear chance. The central Douglas, that during the game he had stood out for distributing firewood, I was going in just to finish off, but he was going to hit the ball in such a horrendous way Twente Levante imagenes 1that he was going to send her almost to the corner.

Levante went on and on to his, strong back and looking for the counter killer. Meanwhile, the other game in the group registered a miraculous comeback from Helsinborg, which left things equal in the group at that time.

In the minute 75 Levante made its first change, el griego Gekas, very unfortunate, he left his place to Ángel and immediately afterwards Diop tried to surprise Mijailov from outside the area but his shot, loose but high, was going to be stopped by the Bulgarian goalkeeper.

The collegiate in his line, He was still home and returned to admonish Levante, in this case to Ballesteros. Yellow more than fair for the Levantine captain but it is true that he had forgiven up to four clamorous for the Dutch. Diop was also going to see the card for a resounding foul deserving of it. Excessively homemade arbitration forgiving a lot to the locals.

The game was heading to the final stretch, Keylor Navas, huge was going to take out with a spectacular save, the second of the night , a prodigious hand that saved the granotas. The next minute the turn was going to be for the granotas, when in a counter brand of the house, Ángel was going to miss a clear chance that would have sentenced the classification for the granotas.

Not everything was said and with Twente almost eliminated and overturned on the granota goal, Barkero was going to get a beautiful shot that the Bulgarian goalkeeper from Twente was going to have to use fully to save the furniture.

With the screams of the granotas fans silencing the Dutch stadium and a last stop by Keylor Navas the game was going to end. Golden tie for Levante that is almost classified and more after Hannover's victory, Twente for their part, He has a foot and a half out of the Europa League.

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