What became of Adil Rami?

What became of Adil Rami?
Adel Rami, world champion and former Pamela Anderson continues her career. PHOTO: www.foot01.com

Not so many years ago, Fair Rami He was one of the most sought-after defenders in European football. French with Moroccan roots, He went through the League in teams like Valencia where he was among 2011 y 2014 and Sevilla where he played between 2015 y 2017. Also in teams like Lille, el Milán, Marseille and others like Boavista, Turkish Fenherbace or Sochi. However, in recent years he jumped to the fore for his relationship with a former 'Beach Watchman’ very popular.

World champion with France and ex of Pamela Anderson with a busy sporting life

The Frenchman was among the summoned of the Winning France in the World Cup in Russia 2018. Although he did not play any minute in that World Cup, can boast of being world champion with his country. However, what attracted the most attention in recent times was its relationship with the myth of many adolescents of the years 90, Pamela Anderson. With which by the way it ended very badly.

Adil Rami world cup
Adil Rami with the World Cup. PHOTO: Brand

Rami and Pamela Anderson had a media and apparently torrid love affair that lasted between 2017 y 2019 and that ended up with the former 'lifeguard’ denouncing the French defense, 18 years younger than her, of abuse. He called it ‘psychopath’ and came to affirm that “he had no respect for any woman except his mother”.

They finally parted ways in June 2019 and each one continued with their things based on crossing statements. Rami by the way, published a few years ago an autobiographical book entitled ‘Autopsy’ in which he unraveled his dangerous extra-sports life full of excesses, excuses for missing workouts, parties and other kinds of things. "I could have had a better career if I had had a better lifestyle.. Too many exits, a lot of girls and i didn't pay attention to my weight. My big problem was the food. I love to eat ”he acknowledged the footballer who conquered Pamela Anderson.

Fair Rami, Pamela Anderson and the World Cup
Rami with Pamela Anderson and the World Cup in 2018. PHOTO: Instagram

Where is Adil Rami?

Once at this point, ¿what became of Adil Rami? The center of 35 years hastens his last years of career in the French Troyes where he possibly gives some of the last kicks to the ball as a professional soccer.

Adel Rami Troyes
Adel Rami continues his career at Troyes,. Twitter / estac_officiel

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