European champion who finished jumping naked stadiums

European champion who finished jumping naked stadiums
The new fans of Lars Elstrup is jumping naked in matches.

Says a study that 50% professional players end up ruined but some end up even worse. Such cases scathing like Gascoine, who we not long ago watched in absolute or an entire world champion decline as Andreas Brehme who finished with an offer to clean toilets, lead us to think that sometimes when the ball stops rolling, the brightness disappears. The last case that comes to us is that of a champion of Europe 1992, Lars Elstrup, who went from the pitch to jump naked to them.

Randers FC played and Silkeborg IF when suddenly a naked espontaneo jumped into the field to perform various stunts. It was no other than Lars Elstrup, before and selected professional footballer Denmark won Euro 1992 after arriving as a guesta. Let's do some more memory, Elstrup himself touched the sky in that tournament success when he scored the decisive penalty against Holland that gave the pass to the final selection that mythical Danish.

Lars Elstrup with the Danish national team jersey.
Lars Elstrup with the Danish national team jersey.

The worst came later. Football came after serious problems: suicide attempts, depressions, imprisonments and sects. A cocktail too dangerous and explosive. His performance in Randers and Silkeborg did nothing to confirm as lost horizon former Danish player. He jumped out the field, pine made the luxury of sitting and doing yoga even allowed. When his identity was discovered, it invaded that reminded him about the green, dress and participating in the game.

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