España – Dinamarca, a match for history

España – Dinamarca, un partido para la historia
Time of departure to the field of Canizares after the expulsion of Zubizarreta. FOTO: Youtube Capture

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The Spain-Denmark 1993 He remained in the retina of the Spanish fans as one of the most tense games that remind the Spanish team. Today Colgados for football we will reopen our particular memory lane to recall a match that was primarily exciting, keyed up, of which one remembers forever. Therefore we will travel to the 17 de noviembre de 1993, to Sevilla, hasta el España 1- Dinamarca 0.

The way to USA 94 It was a hard road for Spain

He 17 de noviembre de 1993, Eire, Spain and Denmark gambled a ticket for Mundial de USA 94. Only two of the three teams could access American World. Eire played against neighbors Northern Ireland not playing anything, Spain and Denmark played each other in a match square dog face, life and death, so the tension was more than evident.

Entrada del partido jugado en Sevilla el 17 de noviembre de 1993.
Entry of the match played in Seville 17 de noviembre de 1993.

The match, match at the Sanchez Pizjuan, It was a heart attack from the first minute, acquiring dramatic overtones when the 10 minutes into the match when Zubizarreta, a blunder, He handed the ball to his teammate by then in Barcelona, Michael Laudrup.

Danish completely alone he faced the Spanish goal after Zubizarreta gift, when the Spanish goalkeeper choosing the least bad of the options left to him, Danish star wing knocked out of the area. Missing and fair expulsion. They remained 80 minutes of match plus injury time ahead, the task seemed daunting, World escaped.

Spain-Denmark was the triumphant debut of Santi Cañizares with Spain

And in the purest American movie style of great sporting feats, the Spanish national team debut in a young goalkeeper who all know, Santiago Canizares who later became one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Spain.

The goalkeeper then Celta Vigo, He was faced with the tough responsibility of keeping his goal protected with his team with one man less against a rival who was also at risk for a place in the World Cup.. Stop after another, She was dismantled attacks by Danish players, performing authentic magisterial interventions and so sublime performance curdling. The young man who had left Rebound, he had become a hero by accident, He had become the figure of a meeting as agonizing as apoteósico. He had made history.

EspañaDinamarca el debut de Cañizares
The Spain-Denmark match was the triumphant debut of Santi Cañizares in Spain. FOTO: Youtube Capture

In addition to stops Cañizares, mark was missing

But while Canizares dismantled again and again the Danish shares, Belfast result of the match between the two Ireland left out Spain. It took a miracle, resort to the fury, resort to epic. With some players to physically limit the after enduring all game with ten men against an opponent demanding, the team needed another miracle and came.

So in the minute 62, Jon Andoni Goikoetxea takes a corner kick, so that Fernando Hierro came from behind, finishing off a superb header to beat Peter Schmeichel, the best goalkeeper in the world at that time. The stands exploded with ecstasy, the Pizjuán was collapsing, He was working the miracle.

Now the result of the match and the result in Belfast left out the Danes who of course turned even more towards the Spanish area, but that day Santi Cañizares was blessed by the gods and he once again disrupted several actions with stops that showed off the nickname that Claudio Ranieri would later give him; el “Dragon”.

The referee after five minutes of distressing injury time, whistled the end of the game to the disappointment of the Danes, they saw as they missed a game they had played one more for almost 85 minutos. Spanish Javi Clemente, They are celebrating their pass to USA 94. World worthy to remember and in which only misfortune and Arbitration heist against Italy they prevented Spain made history before the XXI century.

Luis Enrique en el España-Dinamarca
Paco Grande de RTVE interviewing Luis Enrique in the Spain-Denmark. FOTO: Youtube Capture


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