FC Barcelona: End of cycle?

FC Barcelona: ¿Fin de ciclo?

Last update 17 April, 2014 por Alberto Llopis

Does Messi Barcelona have reached the end of his victorious cycle?. Maybe it was what the fateful prophecy Maya meant when he spoke of a disaster and end of a stage of life, perhaps they concerned at the end of Barcelona's triumphant cycle.

Reviewing yesterday in Munich, reminds the AC Milan club that endorsed him ago 19 años al “Dream Team” de Johan Cruyff. That final in Athens, where the Italian team swept the then one of the best teams in the early 90's, It marked the end of a generation that performed a futsal, High school, A football dream. That day closed one of the most brilliant chapters of history ” culé”.

After reviewing received by the Barcelona yesterday in Munich it is inevitable that alarms have been shot, although it is true that the slump Barcelona is still evident for some time. With the League in the pocket, the team has hit a slump clear performance. Por cierto, the team that lost the final in Athens by four goals had also won the League, even tighter (Djukick that fateful penalty).

After several years wandering through the fields of Spain and Europe, endorsing corrective serious rivals seems that football has become predictable Barcelona, It seems that depends on the magic of Leo Messi.

The Argentinian, despite not seem, It is human and also has physical limits, something you forgot in Barcelona, carrying all their hopes on Argentina. The truth is that without him, many whole numbers down and attack Barcelona becomes a flat possession, much touch but more and more predictable for opposing defenses. Long tap and shallow

Another chapter apart is the defense. A team with both budget and so confident in their offensive potential forgot to sign defenses. With Pique and Puyol only as pure central, the technician has had to invent players reconverting to mediocentros or side in that position. For example against Levante, Barcelona formed with four sides in defense, all changed position. It seems they forgot that you also have to defend after so many years of abuse with the ball.

If all this, we add that the heavyweight (Xavi or Puyo for example) they grow older, we could talk that Barcelona need this summer to strengthen and restructure its workforce, possibly a cycle is over.

separate chapter, is the personal misfortunes suffered by the group diseases Tito Villanova and Abidal, which fortunately and hopefully not become more, They seem to overcome. That sort of thing can touch emotionally as they arrived at the time of the season live and where perhaps, oak, Titio temporary substitute failed to manage the group. End of cycle? Short term we'll know.

Alberto Llopis

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