Five overrated players

Cinco futbolistas sobrevalorados

Last update 7 February, 2016 by Alberto Llopis

The rhythm that carries the modern game makes players move from one computer to another by insulting amounts of money. This also causes the value of professional rise like foam in some cases perhaps far above their real value. That's why in Colgados, we focus on five cases of many to propose, five overvalued footballers.

Mario Ballotelli

It is possibly the most famous case. Since bursting professionally many teams they have paid huge amounts for him and made him a billionaire but the truth is that on all sides where he has been given over the note has surrendered. So much, many are beginning to see him as a real travesty of football. Outbursts, fires by playing with flamethrowers, expensive luxury cars, toddler tantrums…to hook up with his coach sticks are some of the things he's done on their computers Ballotelli. Playing football at times and little. An economic disaster for almost everyone who bet on him.

Asier Illarramendi

The Basque player joined Real Madrid in 2013 with scarcely 23 years after being featured in the Royal Society. Almost a season and a half in the elite without having yet fully exploited, Real Madrid took to the adventure and paid almost 40 million euros for him. Injuries, a controversial dressed as Batman after jumping out to fight a heifer and very little football in the white box, where he did not get the full ownership, They made in 2015 Real back to half of what it had paid for Madrid.

Rodrigo Moreno

He born in Brazil but international with Spain, Rodrigo Moreno had not played in the First Division despite being international in all categories Spanish. life playing in the ranks of Benfica where neither is it was one of their top scorers and its biggest star sought. This was no problem for him Mendes and Peter Lim placed in Valencia 2014 and after making a disappointing season, discreet and loose, still pay the Valencia 30 million to keep it in property. Performance equally loose.

Rodrigo le ha costado una pila de millones al Valencia. Su relación calidad-precio no está muy clara. Foto:
Rodrigo has cost a pile of millions to Valencia. Its value is not very clear. Photo:


Another case of overrated player could be and sold by the press in an exceptional way. Not only do we include in our list of players who were going to star and eventually crashed part 2 but after starting his career as a motorcycle and a soap for sale, It has been plummeting to unthinkable limits. Real Madrid signed him after a drama of those who likes to certain press for a 30 million in 2005 coming from Santos. It was the new Pele or so he said but the way in Madrid was not one full of glory. He went to City on the other millonada, some 43 millions of euros, to Milan, Santos returned twice and finished in 2015 in China.

Nicolas Anelka

It is one of the players who more times have changed teams and more times has been transferred. In all, He has moved above amounts of insulting million for a player who has hardly shown almost nothing in the vast majority of teams where he played. He had a very good stage in the Arsenal at the beginning, He happened with more pain than glory for Real Madrid where he left some important goal isolated and was in a lot of level teams like Liverpool, Chelsea, City when it was not what it is today still, PSG, Juve…Well a lot of them where ever left a great impression but a big expense in millions.

Anelka ha movido cientos de millones sin demostrar que los valía.
Anelka has moved hundreds of millions without demonstrating that value.

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