José Morales, the best Spanish player of the moment

José Morales, the best Spanish player of the moment
José Luis Morales has always shown his love for Levante. Photo: LEVANTE UD

And, We have not gone mad. In Colgados let us not go the marketing and big names. We do not care if a player plays for Barcelona, the real Madrid, Atletico or Levante. What you are doing 'Commander’ the granota picture is commendable and perhaps some jackpot. But that will not happen because in modern football outweighs a name that the quality and the fitness.

Why Morales will not be in Russia, is not know if Lopetegui know who that 11 Eared Levante that has amazed the league and certainly has values ​​also far removed from football today. A player who at the time of fulfillment has evolved from stories and has been renewed with the club he considers his life. Which took him from Madrid's third with 24 years and became a professional.

“I'm a guy early and want to thank the team that gave me a chance when nobody did. Many people tell me that because I'm not making money out there. For me other things are more important and I am happy here. I'm in love with the hobby granota” He is tired of commenting on the microphones of all media that have interviewed him. He has always said by active and passive that does not want to move from your Levante, with whom he stayed in second rejecting offers and which has been renewed up 2021 passing other siren. His idea retire in Orriols where Commander, the boss, the idol. Le Tissier kind of granota.

And if it Dembelé 166 million euros How much is Morales?. They sing numbers by themselves, is the player Leo Messi after more successful dribbles, If and play in the Levant. It is the second most decisive player band playing from the League and in the last month, The most dominating League player. There are few national journalists who have stressed that it would not be crazy to go to Russia Morales. But normal here is that the third alternate will substitute the Real Madrid or Barcelona a player from Levante.

That's football business today. Luckily the League will continue to enjoy a kid with a too distant aesthetics of modern football and those who most enjoy watching granotas will be one of the best players in the league, in its fullness team enjoying life. And perhaps there is no greater recognition than that.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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