Why not create a new Copa America much more powerful?

¿Por qué no crear una nueva Copa América mucho más potente?
Some of the biggest stars of the Copa America 2019 (The Bocon)

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From the distance, European football fans still do not understand some things that happen in the most important competitions of America. Many people ask us why not carried out a much more powerful than the current competition America Cup (which actually it is in South America) y la gold Cup, with nations of central and northern Europe.

As many of you know, America's Cup is the tournament's oldest national team. Each issue is disputed by the 10 countries of the CONMEBOL and two invited teams. In editing 2019 Japan y Qatar They are the ones who will complete the box next to classic: Brasil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay and Venezuela.

On the other hand, we have the gold Cup which takes place while the America Cup in this 2019. Selections level Mexico, Estados Unidos, Costa Rica and Panamá (who he was present at the last World Cup for the first time in its history) selections are fighting a much lower level football as in the case of Cuba, Haiti, Martinique and Curacao. Thus it is quite common thrashings of scandal that make it very unattractive competition occur.


It seems very complicated agreement between the CONMEBOL y la CONCACAF to organize a prestigious American tournament will bring together the best teams on the continent and that much more appealing to the viewer. While the America Cup You have to find two guests who have little or nothing to do with America (Japan y Qatar They are a clear example), la gold Cup You have to see how the level of most participants is very low.

It would be good if both sides sit down and talk to organize a decent tournament and, as it happens in Europe, he had to earn the place to be present as in the Eurocopas in which some level selections are out because others earn it on the pitch. Ideally create a tournament with 16 best teams in the continent. Everyone would benefit.

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